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St. Margaret Mary

Basketball Program



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Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Player Evaluation

Team Selection

Coach Selection


Mission Statement

To form all participants in athletics (athletes, coaches, parents) to be disciples who know, love and serve God through the ministry of athletics.

Vision Statement

To manifest a culture of athletics that allows our athletes to reach their fullest human potential by deeply rooting them in values, mission and identity of the Catholic Church.

Player Evaluations

Players will be evaluated on the following skills and sill sets by a panel of evaluators:

  • Shooting: layups, jump shots, free throws
  • Passing: bounce pass, chest pass, overhead pass
  • Ball Handling: use of both hands, ability to look up while dribbling
  • Rebounding: positioning, form, strength with ball
  • Team Play: communication skills, effort, unselfishness with ball, attitude

A panel of evaluators is chosen by the athletic director. No evaluator will be chosen to evaluate at his/her own child's grade level.  These chosen volunteers will run tryouts with set instructions for consistency, fairness and organization. Evaluators will score each skill according to the child's ability.


Team Selection

A panel evaluators will assess players during tryouts. No one on the panel is allowed to disclose team results or share discussions during the selection process to anyone. Variables such as ability, position, and size may be considered during the assignment process. The SMMAM panel follows guidelines set forth by CSAA.

  • Teams: All teams will be selected using CSAA guidelines.  All teams will be chosen so that every player and team has the best opportunity to be competitive in their respective leagues. The #1 team will be the stronger team, then #2 respectively. Players on teams that compete in a Multi-Division League will be split evenly by the evaluator panel to ensure all teams have an equal chance in their leagues to compete.
  • Missing Tryouts: All players are expected to attend tryouts.  Players, who miss tryouts or sign up late for a sport, miss an important opportunity to display their talents to the selection committee and therefore, shall be placed on a team at the committee's discretion. A second tryout is nit usually granted except in unusual circumstances or when a player does not have a history of playing at SMM previously.
  • Switching teams: A player's inability to attend practices on a given day, caprpool requirements or a parent's disagreement with a coach's philosophy may not be enough to place the child on another team. A player's team assigment may not be changed without approval of the Athletic Director. Changes will not be made because of a disagreement with the evaluator committee's placement. Any parent who wishes to discuss placement must speak with the Athletic Director, not to the coaches.
  • Siblings of the Same Grade Level: A request for siblings to be placed together will be honored as long as the request is made to the Athletic Director prior to team assignment. In this case, if one sibling is stronger than the other, the stronger player must play to the level of the weaker player.
  • Player Notification: Once the Selection Committee has completed all team rosters, parents/players will be notified.


Coach Selection

All coaching positions, including assistant coaching positions, are appointed on a yearly basis at the discretion of the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will make every effort to select the best coaches available to teach our children to become fine Christian athletics. Coaches are VOLUNTEERS. Anyone who coaches must sign a Code of Conduct, attend the Archdiocese of Louisville Safe Environment Workshop, complete a criminal background check and attend the coaches training for Play Like A Champion Today (PLACT). All coaches shall lead by example as Christian role models, are good church steards for our children and shall embrace the St. Margaret Mary stewardship model of time, talent and treasure. Past coaching surveys will be taken into consideration.