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4th Grade Division Basketball Special Rules

National Federation of High School (NFHS) rules will be used except for the following CSAA special rules:                  Official League Ball - 27.5” Indoor Youth basketball

Game Time, Clock Management, and Overtime: – A game will consist of 4 quarters that are 6 minutes each. The clock will stop only on fouls, team time outs, jump balls, substitutions, and EVERY TIME THE WHISTLE BLOWS IN THE LAST MINUTE OF EACH QUARTER. *If a violation occurs in the game with 1:04 seconds left in any quarter, the clock will run down to 1:00 minute then stop. *Quarter breaks shall be no longer than 2 minutes and half time will be no longer than 5 minutes. *Alternate possession will take place on all jump balls. *No overtime in the 4th grade division. A game can end in a tie. * No standings are kept in this division and we have no post season tournament.

NO Full Court Press Allowed:  When a team inbounds a ball for any reason in the backcourt or once a team gains possession with a rebound on a missed shot, turnover, or steal the “defense” must retreat to the other side of mid court immediately. Half court traps and “man to man” defense is allowed once a team crosses mid court. The offense can run a fast break, make long passes and dribble all the way up court at any time. 

Lane Violation4th grade Division will have a 5 (five) second lane rule instead of a 3 (three) second rule.  Free Throw Line:  The free throw line for 4th grade will be 13 feet (2 feet closer)

Three Point Field Goals for the 4th Grade Divisions: A successful try from the field by a player who is located behind the 19 foot 9-inch line counts three (3) points.

Time-Outs:  Three time-outs are allowed for each team during a game.  

Uniforms:  All players on individual teams must wear the same uniform with proper numbers. Numbers 6 thru 9 will be illegal numbers. T-shirts under a jersey must be the same color as the predominant color of the game jersey. See NFHS Rulebook for more details.

Free Throws/Double Bonus: The bonus free throw (one plus one), will take effect on the seventh team foul of each half per NFHS rules. Beginning with a team’s 10th foul in each half the DOUBLE BONUS takes effect (per NFHS rules) and the shooter is allowed a second free throw even if the first shot is not successful.

                                                                                                                                                                        rev. 10/16