Inspires youth (regardless of race, creed, color, or sex) to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, physical fitness, and healthy competition and strive to be

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Information Based on Frequently Asked Questions


Registering early is important:  Teams are based on the number of Cheerleaders registered.  If not enough Cheerleaders register, then adjustments are made on team formations.


Experience:  NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED!!! Just bring a great attitude and a smile.


What your child will gain from being an Aspetuck Wildcats Cheerleader:

  • A sense of teamwork.  Cheer is all about being a team.  Everyone must work together to make a routine run smoothly.
  • Everyone matters.  It is about fun, friendship and hard work.  Dedication and determination drive results!


Time Commitment:

  • The Cheer season begins on July 30.  You can only miss 5 practice days in August.  This is a league rule. Do not register if you cannot adhere to this rule. It is unfair to the rest of the team if you miss more than 5 days.  Please keep this in mind when you register and when you are planning vacations this Summer.
  • All practices throughout the season are mandatory.  Practice schedules will not be released until teams are formed.
  • Cheerleaders are excused for sickness, special family events and religious reasons.  Otherwise, your cheerleader is expected to be at practice.
  • Cheer is a team sport and it is difficult to practice when even one member is missing.


Practice Information:

August Practice - July 30 to August 10 (M-Th in Redding), August 13 to August 24 (M-Th in Easton)

School Year Practice end of August - December

  • D-8 Non-Compete (Grades K-3) practices start on July 30 and run in the evenings in August.  Practices continue through the season twice weekly for 1.5 hours each.  
  • D-10,12 and 14 Competitive (Grades 4 - 8) practices start July 30 and run in the evenings in August.  Practices continue through the season 3-4 times weekly for 2 hours each.  
  • All teams will cheer at football games or Community events in the Fall.
  • The D-10, 12 and 14 teams are competitive and will participate in at least 2 competitions - Locals and States.  Placing at States will move that team onto Regionals (New Hampshire this year).  Again, attendance at practices and competitions is mandatory.  If we qualify at Regionals, based on the below, we will go to Nationals in Florida (2nd week in December).
    • To qualify for Nationals:
      • D10  - 1st or 2nd place at Regionals
      • D12 and D14 - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd  place at Regionals

Nationals is a huge expense.  The cost for travel to and from the hotel is incumbent upon the Cheerleaders' families. Please keep this in mind when you register.  As soon as we know the dates of the competitions, we will let you know so you can mark your calendars.


Registration and Associated Costs:

  • Fees for all Divisons are below.  There is a $750 family cap.  
    • Registration will open on March 15th. The registration fee before April 1st is $355 with fees for 3 stunting clinics already included.
    • April 1st, the price increases to $385 per cheerleader.
    • May 1st, the price increased to $405 per cheerleader.
    • Registration ends June 1st. ALL paperwork is due by June 15th. More information on this when you register.
  • We are asking that you register early so we can start to formulate teams.  You only have to register early, the fee is due by July 15th.  Please note that you will not be allowed to practice, nor receive a uniform until you have paid in full and all paperwork is received.
  • Uniform Costs. The uniform (skirt and top) is included with your registration, but must be returned at the end of the season.
    • All Divisions need to purchase cheer shoes, shorts, socks and bows at a cost of approximately $150.  These items are yours to keep.
    • All of the ordering information will be made available in July.
  • Additional Expenses:
    • As with any youth sport, throughout the season, there will be opportunities to purchase spirit wear, competition t-shirts and other memorabilia.  These purchases are optional.
    • Tickets to competitions range from $5 - $30 per person.  
    • Travel to and from events and competitions including car/gas, airfare and hotel stays are at the expense of the cheerleader's family.

Please contact our Cheer Commissioner, Suzanne Nolan, at with any additional questions.