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AWA Cheer Program - Frequently Asked Questions


Q:     What towns participate in the Aspetuck Wildcat Association?

A:      Easton, Redding and Weston


Q:     Who is eligible to cheer?

A:      Children between the ages of six and fourteen on July 31, 2008 can cheer.  Children age five on July 31, 2008 can participate as mascots.  Children must be in good health and a Doctor’s Consent Form is required to participate.


A:      What determines which squad my child will participate on?

Q:     Squad placement is determined primarily based on Grade, with some exceptions based on Age.  A complete outline of the squad schematic is available will be available shortly.


Q:     What organization is AWA affiliated with?

A:      AWA is part of the Candlewood Valley League.  Other participants in this league are Bethel, Monroe, Mahopac, Newtown, Norwalk, Ridgefield, and Southern Duchess and Hudson Valey.  Candlewood Valley League is a charter member of the American Youth Football League.  AYF is the nations largest youth football and cheer organization.


Q:     What is the time commitment to participate in the AWA cheerleading program?

A:      A significant amount of practice time is required to participate on an AWA cheer squad.  In addition to cheering at AWA football games, our cheer squads participate in local, regional and national cheer competitions.  To prepare for competition, AWA cheer practice begins August 4th.  Practices are held Monday through Friday (6:00 – 8:00) throughout the month of August.  Practices continue three nights per week, two hours per night (times vary) during the months of September through November.


If your child’s squad progresses to regional and national competitions, practices may continue into December, with AYF Nationals being held in early December.


Q:     Where are AWA practices and games held?

A:      Practices are held in Easton, Redding or Weston.  Our 2008 season practice site has not yet been determined, and will depend on the availability of gym space.  Home games are played at the Weston High School turf field.  Away games are played in Bethel, Monroe, Mahopac, Newtown, Norwalk, Ridgefield, and Southern Duchess and Hudson Valley.  The State cheer competition will be held in New Haven and the regional cheer competition will be held in New Hampshire this season.


Q:     What is the deadline for registering for AWA cheerleading?

A:      Registration is now closed.  To register, please select "Register Online" on the left side of the page.  There is a late fee for registrations completed after April 30th, 2008.  Your registration is not complete until full payment and all paperwork has been received. Players with outstanding paperwork will not be allowed to participate in August practice.


Q:     Why is there so much paperwork required to cheer for Aspetuck?

A:      It is critical that Aspetuck has very complete contact and health information about your child. Please take care when completing the registration form that birthdates, grades and phone numbers are accurate and up-to-date to aid in the correct placement of your child on the squad.


In addition, a properly signed Doctor’s Consent Form is required. You may submit our Doctor’s Consent Form (see the Documents section of the website) or the state “blue form”. Please note: this form must be signed and dated after January 1, 2007 in order to be valid.  Forms from previous years will not be accepted and are rejected by the Candlewood Valley League and American Youth Football. If you cannot schedule a physical exam until after July or August 2008 due to insurance reasons, your doctor can still sign and date the form this year, and reference the Physical Exam date of the previous year if necessary. 


For example:


Dr. Richard Smith

March 10, 2006

P.E. 5/15/05


The signature above is still valid because the doctor signs and dates after Jan 1, 2007 and references an exam no older than Feb 1, 20065 (18 months prior to August 1, 2007). If the doctor only references the exam from a previous year however, and doesn’t also date the signature after Jan.1, 20076, then the consent form is invalid. Most doctors’ offices will accept a faxed consent form, sign it and fax it back to you—this doesn’t require a special trip to the office.


It is also required that your child’s full end-of-year (2007-08) report card be copied and forwarded to us. Every grade on your child’s report card is averaged to determine if he/she is eligible to participate in AYF. A grade average below a 72 would require a special release from the school principal. Be sure to include report cards from “special classes” if they are separate from the main report card such as music, art, computer lab, etc.


Q:     Do I have to buy a uniform?

A:      Aspetuck Wildcats supplies your cheerleader with a squad uniform.   Each cheerleader must purchase her own socks, sneakers, lollipop (under garment covering), turtleneck, and hair bow.