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AYL Meeting Notes | August 7, 2017




Hope you are all having a great summer. Thank you again for your efforts this past season for making the baseball experience the best it could be for all your players and for making the Raptors Baseball Organization what it is. We had a board meeting on Monday night for AYL and I wanted to follow up with you all on the changes and updates for next season. 


#1 AYL will stay age based. Due to the bigger organizations (USSSA, CABA, Triple Crown, etc) staying age based for the 2018 season, the AYL Board voted unanimously for stay parallel with them. This will allow teams that play in these tournaments to have the same roster for league play.


#2 No child in high school will be allowed to play in the 13/14 year old division despite age. Because of this, the AYL will be starting a 15 under league that will start mid summer. We feel there is enough kids that still want to play baseball if they don't make the high school team. This gives them a home. Expect more details on this throughout the off season.


#3 We will not be adopting new rules on bats for the 2018 season. Rules are the same. They just have to be rated and stamped per the rules on the website.


#4 AYL has voted to retain CSOA (Robert Wilson) for officiating, see below from Danny Nourse. We do understand the challenges we faced this year but I can assure, this was a statewide and nationwide issue and we feel it would not have gone any different if we used another organization. There are some things we are changing though to remedy the problems we had detailed below.


#5 9 year old AA games will only have one umpire provided by CSOA.


#6 There will be (2) 8 year old divisions this year. American and National. In the American League, this will be kid pitch without modified coach pitch. In the National League, it will be modified kid pitch, same rules will apply as last year.


#7 As for the officiating, our biggest struggle this year was with the 6,7 and 8 year olds. Because of this, the AYL has decided to keep officiating in house for these kids. AYL will train, pay and schedule these umpires. AYL is looking to keep all these age groups at one or two locations every weekend. Locations will rotate but we feel we will get more coverage if they are all in one or spots. This will allow umpires to call multiple games every weekend and will give them a reason to show up if they know they will be paid that day for their services. Also for these games, there will be a field monitor at each site that is an AYL representative. This will also help with the negative experiences some of these young umpires had with coaches and parents last year. In total, we lost 11 umpires last year as they quit during or after a game because of how they were treated by adults. Field monitors will have the authority to remove coaches or parents whose behavior is deemed unacceptable.


That is all for now. Let me know if any of who have any questions or how I can help with anything!





Scott Burgess



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AYL Announcement | August 8, 2017


Attention: to all AYL sport participants, coaches, parents and baseball officials.

Subject: 2018 AYL Umpire in Charge (UIC)

“AYL is please to announcement by unanimous board decision the confirmation of Robert Wilson and CSOA as our provider for baseball officials for all AYL games and tournaments for 2018.  It is with great excitement we welcome back Robert’s team and us all working together with a shared commitment to provide youth baseball players the very best experience’s possible.”


Danny Nourse, VP of Baseball, AYL.