Bedford Girls Softball League, Bedford NH USA



These are the games that we play on Grand Slam day, for team and individual Medals/Trophies/Candy prizes

Baserunning - Team medals:


Team lines up at home plate, one behind the other. Runners must start touching home plate, at "ready, set, GO!" the first runner runs the bass, making sure to touch each base. The runner must touch the hand of the next at home plate, that runner completes the circuit and so on.  Fastest team wins the medals.


Fielding Relay - Team Medals:


Players form 2 lines (one line per team) starting at the top of the pitchers circle. Start with one player in the circle, and another at 1st or 3rd (depending on which side her teams line is on). A coach for each team on either side of home plate. On “GO”, the coach rolls the ball to the first fielder in line, who catches and throws (from inside the circle) to 1st or 3rd. The player at 1st or 3rd must control the ball, touch the base, and deposit the ball in the empty bucket. The player who fielded the ball takes the base position. The player at the base runs to the end of the fielding line. Coaches cannot release the next ball until the fielded ball is in the bucket. The coach continues until the team has a set number of balls in the base bucket. (1-2 times as many as there are members on the largest team).

First team to get the required number of balls in the bucket wins the round. Winners of the rounds compete in the championship round and the hardware.


Throwing competition - Individual trophies:


Teams line up at home plate, girls throw first down the third base line. Throws are marked with cones (where they first hit) , the two longest throws per team go on to the next round. The girls then throw towards buckets lined up on the infield, a hit bucket gets a ticket good for a prize (snack shack goodie or a dollar-store doo-dad) 

The final round features the girls with the two longest throws per team, the two longest throws in that round get first and second place trophies.


Batting Competition - Individual Trophies:

Teams line up at home plate, where a batting tee has been set up . Girls hit the ball off of the tee. The ball must carry past the pitchers rubber, if not they hit again. 

The longest two hits for each team move on to the next round.  The longest two hits of the final round get awarded individual trophies.

The dreaded empty bucket wrinkle:

The hits are measured where they stop rolling.  There are obstacles (empty buckets) set up between first and second base, if one of the buckets is hit the batter gets a prize ticket as above.