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Tribal Year-End BBQ

To celebrate the end of the Tribal Lacrosse season there is a weeknight BBQ on the Pye Brook Fields. Date and time to be announced in the late spring.



We count on all players to contribute an item. 


Food Assignments by Age Group:


U15 Boys:  Each team member should bring a case (24 cans/plastic bottles). Variety of soda, water, and non-carbonated drinks. NO liter bottles please, as we are trying to avoid using cups. Please deliver the drinks COLD!


U13 Boys:  All beef unfrozen hamburgers - 8 pk per player


U11 Boys:  All beef unfrozen hotdogs - 16 pk per player


U9 Boys:  Hamburger buns AND hotdog buns - 12 or 16 pk of each per player 


U15 Girls:  Age group coordinator to manage sign-ups for tablecloths, aluminum tins, aluminum foil, paper towels, paper plates, napkins, forks, knives, green or pasta salads (20 total), drinks (10)


U13 Girls:  Age group coordinator to manage sign-ups for cheese, condiments, chips


U11 Girls:  Desserts - 1 per player


U9 Girls:  Fruit or Fruit salad - 1 per player


Little Laxers:  Desserts - 1 per player



Plus: 6 coolers with 4 bags each of ice and garbage bags