Andover, MA
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Spring weather in New England is often cold and WET! Due to the lack of outdoor turf available in Andover and the need to prepare teams for thier first games, indoor turf time has been booked for practices in the early part of the season. PLEASE NOTE: Indoor practice times are different then in season outdoor practice times. Please go under the tab Outdoor Practice Schedule 2018 to view outdoor practice schedules which will begin the week of April 15th.


INDOOR PRACTICE SCHEDULE-Scroll down to view all dates

All Practices are at HGR---Homegrown Lacrosse-400 Osgood Street in North Andover

Mondays and Saturdays March 19th-April 14th 

7/8 Grade

5/6 Grade

4th Grade

Monday, March 19th:


5pm-6pm 5/6

6pm-7pm 4th 

Saturday, March 24th 

9am-10 7/8

10am-11am 5/6

11am-12pm 4th

Monday, March 26

4pm-5pm 4th

5pm-6pm 7/8

6pm-7pm 5/6

Saturday, March 31st

9am-10 4th

10am-11am 7/8

11am-12pm 5/6

Monday, April 2nd

4pm-5pm 5/6 

5pm-6pm 4th

6pm-7pm 7/8

Saturday, April 7th

9am-10 5/6

10am-11am 4th

11am-12pm 7/8

Monday, April 9th

4pm-5pm 7/8

5pm-6pm 5/6

6pm-7pm 4th

Saturday, April 14th

9am-10 7/8 

10am-11am 5/6

11am-12pm 4th