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Dates for Players/Parents/Coaches:
August 24: Regular season starts
October 15: Regular season ends
October 17-18: Season-ending tournament
Dates for Referees
July 15: Referee Registration System/Availability form made available
August 4: Referee assigning begins
August 16: Referee Meeting for OCL/MOSOA
August 31: Referee assigning completed
October 7:  Tournament Assigning Begins
October 17-18: Season-ending tournament
Dates for League/Club Administrators/Coaches
June 20: Team Registration System opens
July 10: Initial list of registered teams distributed
Beginning July 10: Listings of registered team will be updated every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evening
July 19: Initial Team Registration deadline to guarantee full schedule
July 19:  Initial Regular Season Invoices distributed
July 22:  Scheduling system is made available to coaches and team administrators
July 26: Team Registration Deadline with scheduling best effort
July 26: Coaches’ Scheduling Meeting REQUIRED FOR ALL TEAMS
August 1: Player registration (Carding) begins
August 3: Last day for coaches to update schedules themselves
August 10: Schedules finalized WITH field assignments and exact times
August 15: Targeted deadline for initial team carding
August 24: Regular season starts
September 1: Fees for the Fall regular season are due
September 2: Last day to get player passes * TEAM CANNOT PLAY GAMES UNTIL PASSES ARE ISSUED
September 21: Last day to declare tournament participation status
September 21: Tournament Invoices Distributed
September 26-27: Dublin United Champions Cup in Dublin
October 15: Tournament Fees Due
October 15: Regular season ends
October 17-18: Season-ending tournament
October 25: Coaches roundtable