Rocky Hill Soccer Club is proud to offer a quality travel soccer program to the residents of Rocky Hill, CT.

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Welcome to Diego's Corner! Diego is Rocky Hill SC's current Director of Strength & Fitness. Thoughout the season Diego's Corner will be updated with new information for RHSC players and parents.



It is important that I share one of the most important ways to improve as an athlete: cross-training. A one-sport athlete is a player that takes on one sport, likely year round, and very rarely participates in other activities other than a friendly game of basketball or gym class. The overuse of the body parts and actions that are demanded of a particular sport put that child at a greater risk of debilitating injury. The solution is simple: cross-train. Take on bodyweight strength training, go for a run, or try yoga once a week (I recommend YouTube with a search for Gaiam Yoga). This will not only provide a mental break but will also provide the variety that great athletes are built on. Over the years, football players have done ballet to benefit strength, balance, focus, and endurance. Runners strength train to create barriers of muscles that support their knees. Speed skaters take on dry-land training to build explosive power and balance for their muscles. The variety makes all the difference. And when they return to their passion sport, they will not only be better prepared physically but will be invigorated and energized to get that ball moving!


So what that does that mean as the fall season for RHSC comes to a close and we hang up our outdoor cleats looking towards the cold months ahead? RHSC has a history of coordinating various off-season programs from indoor soccer, technical training, and strength & agility. This winter is no different but only if you speak up. If you are looking forward to additional programs or have ideas on new ones, don't wait. Shout out that you loved what was offered before and we can find ways to help get the kids connected. And, as usual, please reach out for any questions or training guidance you would like. It is my pleasure to search RHSC players, parents, and families.

"The only time it is OK to give up is when you are helping someone taller than you"

Coach Diego


April 4, 2017

I think it's important for you all to "meet" me digitally before we meet in person! Professionally, I am a strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer and multi-sport coach (soccer, track & field, basketball) in the greater Hartford area. I've also spent the past 34 years as an athlete that was lucky enough to have the right mentors that moved me through baseball, soccer, wrestling, track and basketball. I flourished into a Division 1 soccer player, an Ironman 70.3 triathlete and someone that is obsessed with sports performance. Why am I fit to help in the development of our youth? Many years ago I found an intense joy in working with youth, being a strong example, a mentor and supporter. I find that my energy and positivity matched with my intensity to perform help encourage our youth to reach and exceed limits. Personally, I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter, Layla Rae, and a newborn baby boy, Canyon Reign, that is less than a month old right here in Wethersfield. I put a lot of effort and thought into all corners of my life and I am looking forward to being a part of the Rocky Hill SC community.


Diego Lopez

Coach D