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Board of Directors Code of Conduct and Purpose   

  1. The Girls Traveling Basketball Board’s purpose is to provide a fun, developmental, and competitive environment at all levels.  The decisions of the board are to benefit all girls at all skill levels. 
  2. Each member’s thoughts and opinions will be heard.  No single member’s comments or behaviors will carry more importance than the group as a whole. (commissioner included)
  3. Board members are volunteers and all members will strive to make membership a positive experience.  Discussion and different opinions are encouraged with all members being treated with respect.  If/when negative conflicts arise, promptly address independently or include the (co)commissioner to ensure the board’s objectives can be met in a cooperative manner.   


Jeff Schwenn - Co-Commissioner/Tournament Co-Director

Amy Shero - Co-Commissioner

Mike King - Tournament Co-Director

Cathy Murray - Tournament Volunteer Co-Coordinator

Jen Islam - Tournament Volunteer Co-Coordinator

Dave Malech - Toutnament Concessions Coordinator

Jevon Reuter - MYAS 3v3 Coordinator

Mark Warren - Equipment Coordinator

Lindsy Franke - Picture Coordinator

Becky Harden - Picture Coordinator

TJ White - Shot Club/Fundraising/Recruiting Coordinator

Dennis Servais - High School Liaison