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link: https://usafootball.com/dashboard?orgId=0018000000kg6rzAAA

In 2017, the Tomahawks requires all coaches participating in on field activities to be Heads Up Football certified. The Heads Up Football program is designed to enhance safety and effectiveness by focusing three areas: Tackling and Blocking, Health and Safety and Fundamentals of Coaching. It can be completed over time in short segments.  Brent Abdelnour, a sixth grade coach, will be the organization's coordinator. He will have more information to share soon. 

Completing and implementing this program will not only save the Tomahawks money on insurance but will improve our on-the field performance and enhance player safety through proper techniques and awareness of both coaches and players. The Board would not require this program and the investment of your time if we did not believe this. 

Please note, we require all coaches on the field with a team in a game and any subsequent on-field activity to have completed this certification program starting with the Jamboree, Aug 12. The Tomahawks is paying for the course through this date; after Aug 11, you will be required to pay for and complete the course on your own to be allowed back on the sideline. To be safe, complete the courses by Aug 5th

See the info below from USA Football to get started, again the deadline for completion is Aug 5th.

Lakota Tomahawks has enrolled in Heads Up Football for the 2017 season.

To access your account on USAFootball.com and the Youth Tackle Coach Certification please use this link: https://usafootball.com/dashboard?orgId=0018000000kg6rzAAA

Please sign into your existing account or register for a new account by clicking Get Started. On your Dashboard, you can click to buy the Youth Tackle Certification. Your Heads Up Football discount will be applied on the payment screen. 

If coaches encounter any issues while logging in or certifying, please call the Service and Experience team at 1-877-5-FOOTBALL (1-877-536-6822) or visit the 
Help Desk.”