Sacrifice Fly for RBI

“It is called a "sacrifice fly” because the batter presumably intends to cause a teammate in need to score a run, while sacrificing his own ability to do so” .


It is Kansas RBI’s goal that every child that wants to play competitive baseball/softball have the opportunity to play in our program.  Playing baseball/softball can be a real challenge for families struggling to make ends meet.  Baseball/softball can be expensive.  In addition to league fees, most participants require additional money to pay for equipment and uniforms at a minimum.  Add those costs to the price of a new or even used mitt, a helmet, a bat, cleats, etc...the costs alone oftentimes prevent kids from playing ball at all. 

Kansas RBI continues to do everything we can to help these families with fee assistance and donating equipment, but we need your help.  Kansas RBI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that receives no public funding. Revenues gained throughout the season from registration fees, concessions all go directly back in to the program. 

Please consider blessing a player this season and maybe every season by donating to the Sacrifice Fly for RBI Scholarship Fund.  Donated funds go directly to a specific family applying for help to assist in off-setting league fees or in appropriate cases helping with player or team equipment.  Please bless a ball player this season and help Kansas RBI help a worthy family in need. 

If you played ball at the old WYCO 3&2 which was recently renovated to an all turf field and renamed Barton-Ross Complex and have great memories of your own childhood growing up playing ball, don't let the game's cost prevent a kid like you once were from playing ball and receiving the great life lessons the game teaches along with the memories that last a lifetime. 

The statistics below are based on Kansas RBI’s total enrollment between the 2010-2015 seasons:

73% of Kansas RBI participants live in a single parent home

68% of Kansas RBI participants live below poverty lines

65% of Kansas RBI participants cannot afford the registration fee

95% of Kansas RBI participants reside in Wyandotte County

91% of Kansas RBI participants have been first time baseball/softball players

89% of Kansas RBI participants are on a reduced lunch program

97% of Kansas RBI participants use equipment that has been donated


What amount should I donate?
 A donation towards a player fee gives the ball player and their family an entire spring and summer of league baseball at Kansas RBI--typically, 12-14 games with a team.


General Requirements for Scholarship Applicants:

·         Qualifies for reduced lunch program at their school.

·         Shows demonstrative need of help.

·         No family member belongs to an exclusive baseball club or academy team.

What happens after I make a donation?

·         You will receive confirmation that your donation was received.

·         You will receive a thank you letter from Kansas RBI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, acknowledging your donation.

·         We will notify the family you have blessed and let them know they have received the support they need to play ball this season.