The Oakland Rebels Youth Basketball Club is a non-profit group that provides youth the opportunity to leverage the basketball skills and interests of our youth into a program which demands both academic achievement and the development of socialization ski

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FUN- Raising


Introducing Oakland Rebels Fundraising Coordinator, Ria Cotton
Moving forward all fundraising, individual or team efforts must be submitted to Ria Cotton via the attached link(below), or email . Please note that this is to ensure the organization is aware and can contribute to all activities. In addition, we would love to share success stories that may help other teams raise funds
Success Stories: Kudos to 11U raised $700 toward their trip to Portland for the 2015-16 season by selling See's candy. Feel Free to share your success stories!
Info Share: Donation Drive Fundraisers are a simple and profitable way for your organization to make great money by doing good
Fundraising Newsletter:


Ria Cotton (Eric Johnson's mom)

Fundraising Coordinator