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Please check the below link to make sure you are a Little League Approved volunteer.  Also, please confirm that your assistant coaches and team parents are approved as well.  If you have someone on your staff (or you) that is not approved, they are not allowed interaction with the kids at practices or games.  These steps are taken to protect the children. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support!   (Updated 02-15-2018)


Name Date Completed
Anthony D'Elia 2/3/2018
Bill Vanderploeg 2/3/2018
Chris Musto 2/13/2018
Dawn Gallagher 2/13/2018
Deserie Duffy 2/3/2018
Helene McCauley 2/13/2018
James Farkas 2/3/2018
Jeff Lee 2/3/2018
Joe McCarren 2/13/2018
John Cesario 2/3/2018
John Duffy 2/3/2018
John Wasacz 2/3/2018
Ken Hoffman 2/3/2018
Ken Trombley 2/3/2018
Louis Mirro 2/13/2018
Mario Panzarella 2/7/2018
Mark Duffy 2/3/2018
Mark Kiely 2/3/2018
Michael Diffley 2/13/2018
Peter Rodriguez 2/7/2018
Rene Rodriguez 2/7/2018
Sean Reilly 2/3/2018
Terrance McCauley 2/13/2018