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In Attendance: Dave Perry, Ashley Hanson, Greg Toback, Joe Bragaw, Greg Ellis, David White, Bob Digby, Jeff Dipolina, Chris Holloway, Al Casey


Call to Order by President Dave Perry

Roll Call Completed by Secretary Ashley Hanson

o   Absent: Jamie Chambers, Lynda Mills

Overview of February 2016 minutes

o   J.Bragaw taking care of correspondence with field use

o   13U Try-outs occurred March 2nd and 3rd – 13 children made the team. Everyone was contacted via email or phone call.

o   Batting Clinic on March 5th a success, however not many registered (11 session one; 7 session two) Our goal was to fill both sessions with 48 players total. It was recognized that we are losing players to Lacrosse.

o   Motion to approve made by G.Ellis, seconded by J.Bragaw; All present were in agreement.

Treasurer’s Report (see Treasurer’s Report for details)  

o   Reviewed by all in attendance. Doesn’t include $800 that was used to buy baseballs on March 9, 2016.

o   G.Ellis is working on a budget for 2016, moving forward. The last full budget in the records was from 2015. There are some discrepancies in the 2015 numbers, such as $10,000 in income that does not state where it originated from. There is also equipment that was bought in 2015 that is currently unaccounted for.  D.Perry is going to check storage for them.

o   G.Ellis is estimating $5500 for uniforms in 2016.

o   There is an average of $2500 in sponsorship fees in previous years.

o   Current concern is that there is still a deficit in the budget. The Tournament fees will not be collected in time to be used this season, therefore we are down $1400. Umpires appear to be one of the biggest line items and are a concern.

o   Motion to approve made by J.Dipollina, seconded by A.Casey. All present were in agreement.


o   There was no mail correspondence received as of March 9, 2016

o   President’s Meeting

o   Background checks need to be completed. All volunteers who will be involved in the league will need to fill one out. These are good for 3 years.

o   There is a new bat list for 2016 that can be found on the Babe Ruth Website

o   There was discussion of allowing 16 year olds to play with the 13-15’s. While it is up to individual leagues to decide, overall most leagues were against it.

o   Pitch Counts – in lieu of inning counts, ELBR is looking to do a pitch counts based on actual pitches. Further discussion will be had on this matter.

o   During Tournaments all managers and players uniforms must have the BR patch and number on their hat and shirt/pull-over.

Reports of Committees

o   Ways and Means Committee

o   Hoping to sign Kozlowski Dental up as a sponsor for a $5000 donation. However, Kozlowski has requested a sign on the field. C.Holloway and J.Chambers are going to work out the sign details with Kozlowski. There is also a question as to if signs can be put up on the field since the Town of East Lyme owns it. J.Chambers said that Dave Putnam, Director of EL Parks and Recreation, has said the town is okay with it as long as they report to him what is going up first.

o   C.Holloway donated $500 to the league

o   No other updates to report

Unfinished Business

o   Board Appointments- Concession Stand

o   Lynda Mills has agreed to take over as Concession Chair. A.Casey will connect with her on the details.

o   2016 Budget

o   G.Ellis is currently working on the budget.

o   15U Tournament

o   C.Holloway handed out a potential game bracket for the tournament. He is asking if we can have one game on July 8 instead of the Babe Ruth national start date of July 9. D.Perry is going to find out if this is possible.

o   There is some concern as to there not being enough fields for other teams to practice on during the tournament. D.Perry will talk with Salem to see if we can use their field during that week. J.Bragaw to contact the town of East Lyme and lock in Bridebrook Field for that week. War on the Shores is the same week and could cause some scheduling issues.

o   The Tournament Book draft will be complete by the end of March. It will be finalized before the April meeting. C.Holloway asked that we mark-up the book and email him suggestions. The book will include highlights of local restaurants, but we are asking for a $50 donation for this to occur. C.Holloway is also looking into using food trucks to act as a stand in for concession stands.

o   Current Registration

o   Session One – 48 players registered (4 teams possible)

o   Session Two – 68 players registered (6 teams possible)

o   We need more players to register. A.Hanson to send out a reminder email to all families about signing up. We are also hoping that once High School try-outs commence on 3/19 that those who didn’t make the team will sign up.

o   Financial Deficit

o   See notes above in the Treasurer’s Report section for further details

New Business

o   Team Managers & Equipment

o   Currently we are short on team managers. G.Toback, J.Chambers and D.White have agreed to be managers. We need at least one, if not two, more team managers for the season.

o   A.Casey has expressed interest in managing the 16-18U team.

o   ELBR appears to be short equipment that was previously purchased. D.Perry will check the ELBR storage facility for it.

o   Assessments & Team Drafts

o   Assessments will take place on: March 24 @ 5:30pm at Veterans Field and March 26 @ 9am at Veterans Field. Teams will be drafted immediately following the March 26th assessments.

o   Schedules & Games

o   Opening day is April 23.

o   J.Bragaw is waiting to create a final schedule, but will be sure to put all games and practices on it. Our goal is to start practices on March 28 and for every team to play every Saturday.


o    Following Meetings have been approved and will be held in the Oliver Chendali Room at the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department at 7pm:

o   April 13, 2016

o   May 11, 2016

o   June 8, 2016

o   July 13, 2016

o   Please contact D. Perry ahead of time if you cannot make the meeting that way we can reschedule with ample amount of time if need be.


Public Comment

o   A.Casey stated that he believes the league is missing a huge opportunity for bringing in funds by not opening concessions for War on the Shore. He suggested the league request volunteers from parents who may be involved in the games.


o   G.Ellis motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by G. Toback. All present were in agreement.