Why AYLA? Parent Testimonial:

'Being a member of the National Black Cool Stick LAX Team (now AYLA Elite) certainly helped to elevate Rachel's LAX game and prepared her to play at the D1 level in college. The coaching she received from collegiate level coaches gave her the insight as to what would be expected of her at the next level, and gave her the confidence to become a leader of her team offensively. After
trying other regional LAX clubs, from a parents perspective, Cool Stick was
well organized, comprehensive and fun to be associated with.'
-Paul Morin (daughter Rachel is a freshman at NCAA D1 Central Michigan)

"AYLA-Cool Stick has been one of the most instrumental avenues in development of Bailey on and off the field. They nurtured her skills, leadership ability and the drive to do the very best possible. With the exposure and support the staff gave us it helped our daughter receive a Division 1 scholarship, for that we are very thankful." -Mr. Dixon (daughter Bailey is a freshman at NCAA DI Navy Women's Lacrosse)

"AYLA/(Cool Stick) was the best “sport” experience my daughter has been involved with. Jenny has played for many coaches over the years but this has been by far the best; I will say that the coaching staff with AYLA is extremely motivating and positive, yet firm and demanding. They have a unique understanding of what builds great athletes as well as strong, capable young women.... They coach in a way that builds confidence and a positive team atmosphere. With that, the coaching and exposure she received helped Jenny grow as a player and to be ready for the next level. Collegiate coaching from AYLA has prepared my daughter to play college lacrosse. Jenny understands all that is expected as she moves forward as a college athlete. I think if she had not played for AYLA, she wouldn't be continuing on with lacrosse in college. As a parent, I think we all tend to second-guess some of our decisions/choices, I have never felt that way with AYLA. Both Jen and I feel that this was by far one of our best decisions. As a parent, AYLA is everything you want for your daughter. " Alice (daughter Jenny will be an incoming freshman at NCAA DIII Concordia University Wisconsin)

"My daughter Carla M. Bennett (Marian Catholic '15) had the opportunity to participate in the Cool Stick Lacrosse Club. Coach Brian Patterson and Coach Allison Brady's coaching technique played an intricate role in building Carla's lacrosse skills.  Carla was able to participate in various venues and compete against players with a variety of competitive levels.  In addition to improving her skills playing lacrosse, this opportunity gave Carla a chance to get exposure from college recruits and opened the doors to the choice of playing college lacrosse.  She is currently a student at Augustana College.  Her passion for the game brings balance between studies at college and a fulfillment on the field.  As parents, we have watched our daughter travel across states, form lasting friendships and learn to work as a team.  Having been a part of Cool Stick/AYLA without a doubt was the best investment we could have given to our daughter.  It is truly the fastest growing sport around."~Bennett Family