Bedford Girls Softball League, Bedford NH USA


Coaches FAQs and Guidelines

Get Help

Ask someone to take on the role of team parent or coordinator

  • make sure sponsor banner is hung
  • snack shack is staffed (home teams are expected to provide coverage)
  • reports scores
  • picks up unis
  • general housekeeping duties



  • Communcate with team/parents as a reminder
  • Make sure you have opposing coaches contact info
  • If ANY chance of weather, contact coach at least a day before and share phone #'s
  • hang sponsor banner
  • If game cancels let other coach know
  • Game balls should be at the field
  • Extras are in the snack shack (Selvoski) or in the green field box (West)


  • compliment-correct-compliment
  • local rules apply
  • No arguing umpire calls
    • You can ask for an explanation
  • Each player in infield for 2 innings (try your best)
  • Bat through the roster
  • Pitching limitations for minors
  • Encourage the girls to swing the bat
  • there is NO mercy rule - we want girls to play
  • 5 run per inning limit
  • try not to run up the score
    • have girls leave base early
    • put in a "trainee" pitcher
    • bunt with bases loaded
    • try to give the losing team a good last at-bat
    • Stop displaying runs on scoreboard


Post Game


  • team meeting - compliment-correct-compliment
  • Game ball - don't use a new ball, they cost $7 each
  • tidy up dugouts
  • make sure you get the sponsor banner
  • report ANY incidents to president and/or board member
  • enter scores at
  • emails to parents is a good idea

BGSL Game Cancellations

  • Normally coaches don't cancel (it can be VERY hard to re-schedule)
  • Not enough players, borrow from the other team
  • Coach conflict, have an assistant take over
  • BGSL weather cancellations done by field director
    • Usually at leat 2 hours prior to game time
    • Field will be closed by field director (not town)
    • parents/coaches/officials should get an alert
  • If you HAVE to re-schedule a game you must go through a director who must:
    • Get field availability (usually re-schedule on one of your practice days)
    • Cancel umpire (they cost $$)
    • Reschedule umpire for new date
  • If game cancels for any reason contact the other coach



  • Everyone is in the playoffs, and it's a crap shoot
  • Extra mouthguards in snack shack
  • Extra ice packs in Snack shack or field box
  • No batting into the fences - it wrecks them
    • We have bow nets available
  • Good communication with parents is essential