To support the sport of Girls and Boys lacrosse in the Hopkins School district.

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Welcome to the Homegrown Lacrosse Grow the Game Initiative donation page. We are much more than just a lacrosse league administrator as you will soon find out.

Below we have outlined the programs and services we provide to help grow the game in Minnesota. We need your help with donations, corporate giving, sponsorship and foundation grants to fund these lacrosse initiatives.

1. Lacrosse Association Growth Program....We want to proactively grow 4-6 new lacrosse associations each year and at the same time help existing associations grow participation numbers in their communities too. This program will offer US lacrosse and our own equipment grants, coach & officials training, our staff teaching lacrosse in phys ed classes and offering intro clinics in new areas, plus a mentoring program to help new association heads, coaches and officials. Your volunteering as a mentor to someone new to the game is one of many way you can help. The estimated cost is $90,000 a year to                                                                                run the program which includes two interns from Coaches Across                                                                                        America /UP2US and a Grow the Game director.

2. Lacrosse & Leadership Inner-City Lacrosse Program...We are planning to run a educational based lacrosse program at several inner-city schools in 2017 using the highly successful model developed by The program provides economically disadvantaged students with year round tutoring, mandatory study hall, mentoring and college advice and visits to colleges with lacrosse programs like Marquette, Notre Dame and U of Denver. A full-time teacher/lacrosse coach is assigned to the players and works with them in school and on the field along with a 1-2 intern coaches provided by Coaches Across America UP2US/AmeriCorps. it's a great program that really changes the lives of the student/athletes. The estimated cost is $75,000 per boys or girls program and we would like to start programs at at least two schools.

3. Scholarships for Homegrown Leagues and Clinics...The scholarships are named after our mentors and two men that pioneered the early growth and development of lacrosse in Minnesota.                                                                                      The Art Ayers/Mark Hellenack scholarships are awarded to lacrosse players in 

  need of financial assistance. Last year Homegrown gave out over $22,000 in scholarships.

4. Indigenous Lacrosse Alliance...Homegrown wants to partner with the Native people behind the movement to get the game (traditional amd modern) back in the Native American communities throughout Minnesota and the neighboring states. With the help of our Lacrosse Association Growth Program and US Lacrosse Diversity grants and other programs we hope to make a positive impact on the growth of the Native game too. We want to offset the cost of a full-time staff of 2 for around $50,000 a year and use equipment grants from our Association Growth Program and staff to assist with intro clinics and in-school phy ed class instruction where needed.


5. Madeline Island Camp capital funding campaign...It has long been the dream of Homegrown's co-founder, Aron Lipkin to run a camp. As a former camper and camp counselor he had some of the best times of his life at camp. We are going to be asking all of you to help us reach our goal to raise enough money to buy the land and build a sustainable, eco-friendly multi- sport and education center camp on an island where there is already a world renown Chamber Music camp and Art camp. We are working to partner with organizations that would use the camp like the YMCA, Campfire MN, Big Brother & Sisters and other organizations that could potentially use it. Estimated cost of land $TBA, estimated cost to build $TBA.

Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a great source of pride for the homegrown staff to work with young men and help establish their leadership and coaching abilities every summer through our Leadership & Development Program. It is a free service Homegrown provides to teach these young men how to be future lacrosse coaches, officials, and team leaders.                                                                                       No funding is needed for this program, but a sponsor would be benefit                                                                                 from association with it.    

To make a donation, volunteer or be a mentor please click here to be directed to the Grow the Game Donation Form.

Click here for the guide to Homegrown Lacrosse sponsorship opportunities:

Clinics - Sniper Shooting Clinics, Goalie, Face-off and coaches clinics.

Leadership Development Program & Awards.
Captain's Cup HS Showcase & Coaches Clinic. 
Summer, fall and winter Leagues.