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In Attendance: Dave Perry, Ashley Hanson, Greg Toback, Joe Bragaw, Greg Ellis, David White, Bob Digby, Jeff Dipolina, Chris Holloway, Scott Shelkly, Lynda Mills, Jamie Chambers

Call to Order by President Dave Perry

Roll Call Completed by Secretary Ashley Hanson

o   Absent: Scott McDonald

Overview of February 2016 minutes

o   Nothing of interest to note

o   Motion to approve made by J.Bragaw, seconded by D.White; All present were in agreement.

Treasurer’s Report (see Treasurer’s Report for details)  

o   Concern that our biggest expenditure will be umpires

o   Further details can be found below under “New Business: Umpire Issues”

o   Motion to approve made by J.Dipolina, seconded by A.Casey. All present were in agreement.


o   There was a monthly statement received from the bank which was given to G.Ellis

Reports of Committees

o   Ways and Means Committee

o   Currently there is $1800 pledged in sponsorships

o   $500 from C.Holloway, $500 from J.Chambers, $300 from D.White on behalf of All State and $500 from G.Toback on behalf of Shoreline Periodontics

o   Kozlowski Orthodontics has proposed a $10,000 donation in one lump sum in return for an agreement that their business sign be placed on the bathrooms (Not the Concession stand) at Veteran’s Field for 20 years. Kozlowski will pay all costs associated with the sign. There is a concern about whether the location is allowed by the town and there is currently discussion about placing it on the back side of the scoreboard, as this is considered the prime advertisement location. There is also a concern about the length of time being requested. J.Chambers is handling all discussions with Kozlowski and will report back to the Board on this matter in May.

o   C.Holloway handed out a proposed donation letter that he plans to deliver to local businesses (about 80 in total) by Tuesday April, 20. He has asked that all in attendance look over the letter and submit feedback to him by April 16. One change was immediately stated, that the league is unable to advertise on uniforms in 2016. However, this is up for discussion for future years.

Unfinished Business

o   Board Appointments- Concession Stand

o   Lynda Mills has agreed to take over as Concession Chair.

·         S.Shelkly has the keys for the concession stand

·         L.Mills and D.Perry will meet the week of April 18 to look at the state of the concessions stand.

·         L.Mills will work on having a rotating schedule with home team family members working the concessions

·         There was a suggestion that we consider opening the concession stand for the War of the Shore Tournament, however, there is a concern as to who will work it.

o   2016 Budget

o   G.Ellis presented the Board with two budgets; a low and high estimate for 2016. All previous records are scattered and couldn’t give an accurate estimate of expenses, so the budget was created from scratch. For 2017 we will have a better idea of what our estimated budget will be. Please see the “New Business: Umpire Issue” below for additional details on cost issues.

o   Session I Games

o   J.Bragaw asked all coaches to look over the schedule and speak up if there are any conflicts. As of now, no one has spoken up about any conflicts so the schedule will move forward as currently planned.

o   Monday and Wednesday additional fields are available

o   Hosting 15U

o   The Board decided to go with Double Elimination Games and has reported this to the State Board

o   There will be one Friday night game at the High School on July 8. ELBR will be responsible for paying the light fees. D.Perry has already reserved the field.

o   The League will receive $1400 back from registration with the other leagues for the tournament.

o   We need the following in order to run the tournament:

·         Field Maintenance Committee, Tournament Directors, Concession Workers (no minors)

·         A commitment from all 15U players needs to be given to the Board by the May Meeting, which C.Holloway is working on.

·         The concession stand needs to be painted, weeds pulled, etc.

New Business

o   District 6 Saturday Games

o   All coaches have agreed to Saturday games and do not have scheduling conflicts

o   Session II Registration

o   We are projecting the addition of at least two teams

o   Session II Team Managers

o   Losing S.McDonald

o   The following have committed to being managers for Session II

·         J.Chambers, G.Toback, J.Dipolina, J.Bragaw, D.White, C.Holloway

o   Session II Team Selection/Draft/Games

o   Try-outs will start the week of May 16

o   Draft is scheduled for May 21st

o   Game Schedule TBD

o   Salem Youth Baseball Fundraiser

o   A.Hanson presented all present with a fundraiser sent by Mark Gendron from Salem Youth Baseball, which benefits three local families and their fight against cancer. All managers agreed to email the fundraiser details to their player’s families.

o   13U Player seeking Teams

o   Two players on the 13U Travel Team have expressed interest in playing on the weekends. Managers are asked to consider taking them on their team.

o   Umpire Issues

o   We received an outstanding invoice from the Eastern Board from Fall 2015

·         For the dates after October 10, 2015, we have financial records that reflect the $440 was paid to Waterford Babe Ruth for the tournament.

·         We cannot account for two of the games; one D.White paid for but cannot recall which it was, all others have been matched up with game schedule records. G.Ellis will cut a check for the umpires totaling $275.

o   D.Perry will be seeking clarification on how the Eastern Board Umpires will be paid, as some team managers had umpires refuse to work unless they were paid on the spot at games.

o   There is a concern as to how we will pay for umpires for Session I

·         The board decided to move ahead with hiring umpires through Eastern Board for Sessions I and II.



o    Following Meetings have been approved and will be held in the Oliver Chendali Room at the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department at 7:30 pm:

o   May 11, 2016

o   June 8, 2016

o   July 13, 2016

o   August 10, 2016

o   Please contact D. Perry ahead of time if you cannot make the meeting that way we can reschedule with ample amount of time if need be.

Public Comment

o   D.White stated that we need to paint the stand. D.Perry will contact D.Putnam in regards to how we can accomplish this.


o   G.Ellis motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by D.White. All present were in agreement.