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In Attendance: Dave Perry, Ashley Hanson, Greg Toback, Greg Ellis, David White, Chris Holloway, Scott Shelkly, Jamie Chambers, Alex Jones

Call to Order by President Dave Perry

Roll Call Completed by Secretary Ashley Hanson

o   Absent: Scott McDonald, Joe Bragaw

Overview of February 2016 minutes

o   Nothing of interest to note

o   Motion to approve made by C. Holloway, seconded by G. Toback; All present were in agreement.

Treasurer’s Report (see Treasurer’s Report for details)  

o   Still have outstanding umpire fees

o   Going into session II there will be approximately $2800 in the account which is not going to cover all the fees the league will acquire during this time period. See “Unfinished Business: Continued Financial Concern” for additional information.

o   Motion to approve made by C. Holloway, seconded by D. White; All present were in agreement.


o   Mail has not been checked recently.

Reports of Committees

o   Ways and Means Committee (Reported by C. Holloway and J. Chambers)

o   There is currently a $500 pledge from UBS with other possible sponsorships that J. Chambers and C. Holloway are working on.

o   J. Chambers still in touch with Kozlowski about their sponsorship deal. Nothing new to update on as of now.

o   C. Holloway is going to connect with Jennifer at Shoreline Periodontics in regards to obtaining their sponsorship money

Unfinished Business

o   15U (reported by C. Holloway)

o   Tournament Director – A. Stefanski

o   Site Directors – No commitments as of yet

o   Concessions – Currently three mothers of players have committed to running the concessions stand. C. Holloway has also looked into food trucks and believes he is going to contract with “Curb Your Appetite” to cover some of the games.

o   Ground Crew – Projecting a need for three guys per night. There are some college and high school guys lined up to work this.

o   Maintenance – J. Bragaw speaking with D. Putnam about overall maintenance around the fields (weeds, etc.)  The league also needs Game Saver.

o   Practice – J. Bragaw working out details for team practices during the tournament.

o   S. Shelkly asked if the softball cages at Veteran’s Field were available during the tournaments for the teams to use. D. Perry will talk to          D. Putnam about it.

o   Registration - Session II

o   As of May 12 there are 75 players registered for Session II.

o   The plan is to create approximately 6 teams of 12-13 players.

o   Team Selection - Session II

o   Drafts will take place on May 21, 4:15pm at the Lyme Tavern.

o   All managers must be present and may be bring no more than one coach.

o   Schedule – Session II

o   Games are set to begin on May 24. D. Perry is in contact with J. Bragaw about the schedule.

o   Continued Financial Concern

o   Concessions is now open, however, it’s not expected to be a major revenue source.

o   There is a possible chance to obtain some financial assistance from the town, however this is looking to be a grim option as well.

o   Since there is a shortage of funds, as of right now All Star Uniforms will need to be paid by the parents.

o   There may be additional players signing up for Session II, however, it will not be enough to cover the deficit.

o   There is discussion about registration fees increasing for 2017 once a decision has been made about what the cost of a player is. This will be discussed further at a future meeting.

o   There are other possible sponsorships in the works. Banners will need to be purchased for each sponsor, which needs to be considered for budgetary purposes.

o   See “Reports of Committees: Ways and Means Committee” for additional information.



New Business

o   Hosting 14U District 6 Tournament

o   G. Toback will be managing all details of the tournament.

o   Tournament will take place on June 25.

o   13U Travel Team

o   There have been complaints about the scheduling conflicts with AAU and the 13U Travel team.  

o   B. Kane will no longer be a coach for Session II or All Stars.

o   Of the current 13 players, only 9 will be staying on for Session II, 5 of which will be playing AAU. Due to this fact, the 13U Travel Team will be disbanded for Session II and players will be put back into the pool for drafts with the understanding that the AAU players need to be split up onto different teams so as to avoid scheduling conflicts. J. Chambers has agreed to stay on as the manager of one of the teams for Session II with A. Jones as a coach.

o   16 – 18 Team

o   A. Casey has expressed interest in taking on the role of manager for this team. There are currently two players that have expressed interest in playing on this team, however, only one is signed up. If too many players sign up, cuts may occur. D. Perry will be in contact with A. Casey to confirm his commitment as manager.

o   There are no vests from 2015, as all the players kept them. A. Jones will speak with them in an attempt to retrieve as many as possible.


o    The following Meetings have been approved and will be held in the Oliver Chendali Room at the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department at 7:30 pm: (Date/Time and Location are subject to change)

o   June 8, 2016

o   July 13, 2016

o   August 10, 2016

o   Please contact D. Perry ahead of time if you cannot make the meeting that way we can reschedule with ample amount of time if need be.

Public Comment

o   No comments were made at this time.


o   G.Toback motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by C. Holloway. All present were in agreement.