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Our annual PFLL fundraiser is upon us - the Hit-a-Thon. For those new to the league this year, this is a fun event where the players walk away with a sense of accomplishment and the thrill of good hit, while raising funds that 100% go back to field maintenance, equipment, tournament costs, etc. 
We make it super easy to pledge and donate since it's all online. Plus, kids and teams can earn awesome prizes, like Amazon gift cards. And, we made it even easier this year by scheduling team pictures to be within same hour, same location as their hit-a-thon time.
WHEN: Sunday April 22. See full schedule below. 
WHERE: Bernal fields - TBall, 5 and 6
PLEDGE PROCESS: Look out for emails from 99Pledges.com. Website is https://99pledges.com/fund/2018PFLL
All pledges and donations should be made online and we have two options: 1) Flat rate pledge or 2) pay per foot . (Watch out for those sluggers who can hit 250 feet!)
The pledge page will be open 2 weeks past the Hit-A-thon event in order to help our players further promote their hitting distance with out of town family and friends.
Remember the money donated to our PFLL league is tax deductible and the our Tax ID is on the donation pledge page.
Each player gets 5 hits. It's Manager's discretion for how many pitches. We are providing pitching machines and Tee's for convenience. 
  • All TBall and Farm will hit off Tee. 
  • Single A has the option to do Tee or pitching machine. 
  • AA, AAA, Majors will be pitching machine.  We will have board members available to help calibrate the machines for all divisions.
Hit will be measured by distance in feet. We will provide measuring forms and tape measures but your teams need to provide volunteers to help record the distance.  
  • TBall, Farm and Single A will be measured where the ball stops rolling.  
  • AA, AAA, and Majors will be where the ball hits the ground.  
At the end of the day we want the kids to have fun, a good hitting experience and build team comaraderie.  
    1) Team who raise the most - End of year party at Rock and Jump paid by league
    2) Top 3 Individuals who raise the most - $200, $100, $50 gift card to Amazon
    3) Hitter from each team who hits the furthest - Medals (presented day of or at Managers discretion)
    4) Top Hitter from each division - Trophy presented during closing ceremonies
**IMPORTANT: In order to be in the running for prizes, a player needs to do a minimum bid of $25. If players choose to opt out of the pledge part, we will let players still hit but they cannot get prizes. 
  • Batting cages will be open for all divisions for Managers/Coaches to make sure each player is warmed-up correctly.
  • Snack bar will be open 
  • Hit-A-Thon Event and Pictures is at Bernal for all divisions.  We will have greeters with schedules on hand so teams will know where they need to go.  We have to keep pictures to 30 minutes per team and the hit-a-thon no longer than 1 hr.  If its makes sense to combine teams on fields to help with the player hits we will allow that.  
Please reach out to Andrea Leggett at   or Andrea Olson at 

PFLL Hit a Thon Schedule April 22

Time   14 teams, 6AA, 4AAA, 4 Majors 9 teams - 4 A, 5 Farm 8 Teams Tball
Location   Bernal 5 Farm/Tball Field and A, AA on Bernal 6 Tball Field
10:00   AAA FARM TBall
    Ranger Thunder Raptors
10:30   AAA Farm  
    Mets Raptors  
11:00   AAA Farm TBall
    Giants Fireflies Scrappers
11:30   AAA Farm TBall
    As Marauders Bulls
12:00   Majors Farm TBall
    Angels Hot Rods Marauders
12:30   Majors Single A  
    Cubs Scrappers  
1:00   Majors Single A TBall 
    Giants River Bandits Thunder
1:30   Majors Single A TBall
    Phillies Marauders (Timber Rattlers) Hooks
2:00   AA Single A TBall
    As Raptors Hot Rods
2:30   AA AA  
    Yankees Astros  
3:00   AA AA TBall 
    Giants Royals Fireflies
3:30   AA