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This year, on July 30th 2011, I will once again be running CT Super Sophs, a showcase for players that are rising juniors. On July 30th, we will once again be the only recruiting event in the northeast, and we look to expand the number of college coaches that will certainly be there to see Connecticut’s and the Tri-State's best underclassmen. For good or bad, college coaches want to see players who are rising juniors and this event will be a great opportunity for Connecticut’s best underclassmen to put themselves on the radar.

We will break all participating players into teams with 2 goalies, 5 defensemen, 6-8 midfielders and 4 attackmen. This will ensure that each player gets a lot of time on the field. Each team is guaranteed 3 games and all games will be played on fields parallel to each other to make it convenient for college coaches in attendance.

LacrosseRecruits.com will host a 20-30 minute recruiting session for all players and parents in attendance to ensure that each player is on the appropriate track for the efforts in the recruiting process.

Every game played at the event will be played on turf and will be filmed by video professionals and each player will have the opportunity to purchase the game footage for recruiting purposes.

To help put their information and video in front of college coaches, players will be introduced to LacrosseRecruits.com, which is an amazing tool that streamlines the recruiting process for high school lacrosse players and their parents. Every college lacrosse program in the country is registered, making it easy for a player to get his information and video in front of the schools he is interested in.

Every college coach in attendance will be given a book with every team’s roster and each player’s critical information.

It will be a great day for our state’s best underclassmen to showcase their ability.


Where: New Canaan High School

When: July 30th 2011, 8:30 am to 3 pm

Cost: $125

Each Player Receives:

-Recruiting Seminar for Parents and Players

-Guaranteed 3 games


We will be capping CT Super Sophs and ask that you recommend CT Super Sophs to the sophomores you believe have the potential to play lacrosse in college.


Coach Whitten