Inifinity Youth Sports offers recreational and competitive sports to the youth of New Mexico, ages 3-16. Our sports include tball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Infinity Youth Sports is also home of the Southwest Gridiron Conference, a division of U

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Football Equipment

In order to be eligible to participate in any IYS official practice or game, your player must be properly equipped for their sport. Please view the list below for equipment that is needed in order to be able to participate in the Southwest Gridiron Football Conference.


Mandatory Equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • 7 Piece Pad Set
    • Hip Pads X2
    • Tailbone (Butt) Pad X1
    • Thigh Pads X2
    • Knee Pads X2
  • Mouth Piece (Cannot be clear or white - must be attached)
  • Cleats (Cannot have metal)
  • Jersey (Must be in compliance with IYS & NHFS Rules)
  • Water Bottle (for practice)


Optional Equipment:

  • Travel Bag
  • Visor (No shaded visors - must be clear)
  • Wristband Play Book (Recommended for Quarterbacks only)





*Due to insurance regulations and the safety of the participants, players are required to purchase their own equipment. It is unsafe to use equipment worn by other players that is continually reissued.*

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