Frequently Asked Questions


  • What sports and programs does NOVA Field House offer? NOVA Field House does not have any in-house sports or programs at this time.

  • What types of events/programs does NOVA Field House host? The Field House hosts a variety of events and programs including Baseball, Basketball, Field hockey, Fitness boot camps, Football, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Softball, Soccer, etc. 

  • How do I reserve space for my team or event? To initiate a rental, please fill out our field/court request form and send it to rentals@novafieldhouse.com. For more information see Rental Information under the Rentals tab. 

  • What are your hours of operation? NOVA Field House is open Monday-Sunday from 9 am - 11 pm, excluding major holidays.

  • Can I rent outside of your normal hours of operation? Yes, for an additional cost.

  • How large are your fields? Fields 1 & 2 are 170' x 97' each. Both turf fields are 16,490 sq ft individually and 35,530 sq ft combined.  

  • Can NOVA Field House accommodate large events? Yes, depending on availability.

  • Will my organization need insurance? Yes, organizations renting space at NOVA Field House will need insurance. Individual participants do not need insurance, however they will need to fill out a waiver form.

  • Is there a eating area?  Yes, we have a cafe area that can accommodate food and beverages with plenty of tables and seating. 

  • Do you have fitness or cardio equipment? Currently NOVA Field House does not offer use of any fitness or cardio equipment. 

  • How much does it cost to attend an event? Fees are based on individual events. Be sure to check the calendar daily for events.

  • Do you have open play? Yes, if the fields/courts aren't reserved you can drop in and play. Be sure to check the daily schedule on our homepage for open play times. Fees are $7.00 for player pass holders and $10.00 for non player pass holders. You must have a current waiver on file to use our fields/courts. 

  • What is a player pass? A player pass is a card that allows you to receive a discount for each open play visit. You must show your player pass card in order to receive the discount. Only one discount per valid ID. Player passes are only valid for the current year. 

  • How do I get a player pass? To get a player pass you will need a current ID card and waiver on file. Cost of the player pass is $15.00 for the year.

  •  Where can I fill out a waiver? You can download and complete the waiver form prior to your arrival for your convenience. See Documents under the About Us tab. 

  • Why do I have to complete a new waiver every year? It is necessary to have updated files for the current year for insurance purposes.

  • Does NOVA Field House have a lost and found? Yes. Lost and Found items will be held for exactly 1 week after which, unless claimed via phone/email, will be discarded or donated to Good Will.