Inifinity Youth Sports offers recreational and competitive sports to the youth of New Mexico, ages 3-16. Our sports include tball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Infinity Youth Sports is also home of the Southwest Gridiron Conference, a division of U

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How Do I Become A Coach?

Welcome! We are excited to know that you are interested in becoming a coach for Infinity Youth Sports. On this page you will find important information and the steps for both brand new and returning coaches. Remember that in order to officially become a coach with you do have to pass a background check and complete the coaches application. If you are looking at becoming a junior assistant coach, please visit our "How Do I Become Junior Coach" Page.


New Coaches

The most important part of becoming a new coach is to know what you are going to be coaching as. Plese read the following information for new coaches below. In IYS you have the ability to:

- To Be A Head Coach (Minimum Age 21): If you would like to be the head coach of your own team then great! Being a head coach means that you are comfortable enough to tackle the challenges and responsibilities of running your own team. As a head coach you will be responsible for:

  • Deciding practice locations
  • Deciding practice days
  • Deciding Team Name
  • Deciding Team Color
  • Many other team related functions to help ensure your team is able to succeed during the season.

As a head coach you have the freedom of running your team the way you want. At some point you have thought to yourself, I can run that better. Well now is you chance to prove you have the know how to take your team to the next level. 

- To Be A Assistant Coach (Minimum Age 19): Maybe you are just starting out as a coach, maybe you don't know where to start as a coach. That is ok! Every master is at one point a beginner. As an assistant coach your job will be to help ensure the success of your team while helping the head coach with duties such as:

  • Keeping the flow of practice
  • Assisting with drills during practice
  • Assisting with running plays on game day
  • Helping to ensure each child meets the 50% play rule
  • Many other jobs come with the assistant coach position. It will vary per team. ut one day you will be ready to lead a team of your own, don't worry.

As an assistant coach, you will be vital to the success of the team. Every strong head coach has a strong group of assistant coaches backing them up and helping to march forward to victory.

Deciding what kind of coach to be during the season can be challenging, however once you decide it will be much easier for the season. And remember you do have the ability to change your coaching position next season if you feel you need a change. Read on to follow the next steps in becoming a coach.

- Who Will You Be Coaching For: After deciding on what kind of coach you are going to be, the next thing you would want to know is who you are going to be coaching for. Your choice is Part 1 will determine where you coach for the upcoming season. 

  • If you have chosen to be a head coach, then you will be able to coach within your own team. Meaning that as a head coach you have total control of your team and will be specifically coaching for that team. Please ensure that in your coaches application you do put the name of the team in which you would like to be coaching as.
  • If you have chosen to be an assistant coach then you would be able to coach on any team that you wish (granted you receive permission from the head coach first.). You are not restricted to "boundary lines" and you are welcome to coach on any team, within any location for Infinity Youth Sports.


Returning Coaches

If you are a returning coach we are happy to have you back for the upcoming season. Prior to being able to coach and participate in games, you will need to ensure the following:

  1. My background check is up to date.
  2. Submit a coaches application for the current season (coaches applications need to be done on a per season basis.)

If your background check needs to be updated, please continue to Part 1. If your background check is up to date, please go to Part 2, Step 2. If you have any further questions, please Contact Us as soon as possible so we may answer your questions.


 Part 1: Submitting Your Back Ground Check

In order to be a official coach within Infinity Youth Sports, you do have to maintain and keep a background check on file at all times. Background checks are done through NCSI. We will not accept any substitutions for background check regardless of occupation, past coaching, etc. Background checks are good for two years. If you need to complete a background check or your background check is expired, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the IYS Website Home Page click on the Register Tab or Click Here.
  2. From the Select a Registration Category choose: Register To Coach
  3. You wil be brought to the Coach Background Check Process. Read through the information in order to ensure you qualify to coach.
  4. Click Register>>
  5. You will be informed of the minimum age in order to coach. Click Continue.
  6. You will be brought to the account page.
    • If you have an account please login now.
    • If you do not have an account, please follow the steps on how to create an account.
  7. After logging in or creating an account you will be asked to verify your information and select yourself as a registrant for the application.
  8. Click continue when you are brought to the page that displays: This registration requires a background check. Please click the button below to be directed to the National Center for Safety Initiatives website to complete the forms for background checking. Once completed, you'll be directed to the final page to complete registration.
  9. You will be brought to the NCSI background check page.
  10. Fill out the information required for the background check. Ensure the background check is submitted and completed fully.

*If your background check is denied you will not be able to coach for the upcoming season. Background checks can be denied in the event that NCSI requires more information in order to verify your identity. Please keep an eye on your email for follow up requests from NCSI.


Part 2: Submitting Your Coaches Application

Now that you have completed the background application congratulations you are almost done with being able to successfully become a registered coach for the upcoming season. Follow the steps below to submit your coaches application. If your background check is up to date please go to Step 2.

  1. After submitting your application online and finishing the background check and completing the confirmation page, you will be receiving an email with a link to the next part of the coaches application. If you do not get the email, please go to step 2. If you do get the email, please go to step 3.
  2. If you do not receive the email link or you background check is up to date please send us an email at Please include the following:
    • Subject: Coaches Application Link
    • Message (Include the following):
      • Team you are applying for.
      • Date you submitted background check (new coaches)
  3. Upon the receiving the email, click on or copy and paste into your web browser the URL.
  4. Click Contineu when brought the page. 
  5. Sign in using the account you made in Part 1
  6. Select yourself as a registrant for the application.
  7. Fill out the application truthfully and accurately.
    • ​Please ensure you follow instructions when asked for your coaching references. Coaches applications will be denied if instructions are not followed.
  8. Your application is not complete until you submit it! Make sure you submit your application when brought to the confirmation page.


Follow Up

Now that you have completed your coaches application we will be reviewing it. After we have reviewed your application we will send you an email with the approval/denial of your coaches application. If you are approved you will be able to host/attend practices, attend mandatory coaches meetings and other league functions. If you are denied we will email you with a reason for the denial and what can be done to reverse the decision if possible.


If you have any questions please Contact Us as soon as possible.