Mission Statement 

ACE strives to develop excellence in the youth-athlete; to create an elite training and competitive environment that strives to help EVERY player reach the highest level of success through first achieving excellence; to foster the professional development of its coaches; to provide a life enriching experience in an academy atmosphere that seeks to develop the complete player on and off the field of competition.


Vision Statement 

ACE wants to ensure that EVERY child wishing to participate in competitive soccer has an opportunity to experience success in all their endeavors.


Program Cost

Included: Two tournaments, coaching fees, field rentals, WYSA player registration, league referee fees, training equipment, insurance, field development and maintenance, club administration salaries

Not Included:  uniforms, additional tournaments, travel expenses, additional State or Regional fees 

ACE Soccer Club also has flexable payment schedules and schollorships available.  

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U9 / U10

$165 $165 $165 $495 UNIFORM KIT $60



The ACE curriculum is designed to challenge each student while developing physical, mental and emotional growth through teamwork while helping the student develop a love for the game.  We believe that students who have a sincere passion for the game and want to be challenged.  ACE Academy also encourages home study skills and rewards effort in practice.  We at ACE will make every effort to help each student become the 4 D's we believe in:  DESIRE - DEDICATION - DISCIPLINE - DIVERSITY 






  • Speed and Agility Training:  Learning multiple facets of dynamic body control, foot agility, and explosive speed through games and competitive challenges. 
  • Individual Foot Skill:  Developing the ability to use both feet effectively while developing a soft touch on the ball. Helping students increase their confidence of “touch” in low pressure and high pressure situations. 
  • Passing:  Developing students ability to properly pass the ball to targets in game speed situations and also understanding how to play “out of pressure”.
  • Shooting:  Helping students understand it is about placement of shots vs power. Building students confidence of striking under pressure. Ankle stability activities will help dictate future power on the ball. 
  • Team Building:  Allowing students to understand how the game is actually played from a 4v4 format and also building upon a 7v7 to a 9v9 format. Using creative game shape techniques to balance field and create give and go situations. Creating friendships and bonds on and off the field. 
  • Strength:  Developing students upper body and lower body strength for age appropriate levels. Using fun games and challenges.