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2018-19 EYH Coaches

EYH is excited for the start of the 2018-19 youth hockey season. Planning is well underway and there is
still lots more planning to do. Today, EYH is releasing the list of confirmed coaches whom have
volunteered to lead teams. EYH is still in the process of reviewing coaching candidate and accepting
coaching applications. If you are interested in coaching with EYH this season or know someone who is,
please complete the online application form.
Teams will be established based on actual player registrations and the results of the tryouts and

Bryan Curtis (HC 6U-C), Renee Curtis (AC 6U-C),

Topher Kinkead (HC 6U-C), Roger Greenwood (AC 6U-C)


Neil Konishek* (HC 8U-C), David Bailey (AC 8U-C)

Tim Freitag (HC 8U-C),

Daniel Crouch (AC 8U-C), Doug Backhus (AC 8U-C)


Taylor Ostrander* (HC 10U-A), Daniel Crouch (AC 10U-A), Prem Harwood (AC 10U-A)

Carter Wasmund (HC 10U-C), Brendan Smith (AC 10U-C)

Tim Freitag (HC 10U-C), Doug Backhus (AC 10U-C)


John Nogatch (HC 12U-A1), Marc Olds (AC 12U-A1),

Ryan Meadowcroft (HC 12U-B), Tyler Smith (AC 12U-C), Art Peterson (HC 12U-C)


Michael Sandberg (HC 14U-C)

Brad Sledge (HC14U-B), Steve Steinert (AC 14U-B)


Jerry Pickar (HC 18U-AA), Connor Jefferson (AC 18U-AA), Tony Cappocchi (AC 18U-AA), Bill Wildes (AC 18U-AA)

Bill Eriksen (HC 18U-C), Mike Andrews (AC 18U-C)

*indicates Age Division Lead