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Since 2006, Coach Whitten has directed the Connecticut Elite Lacrosse Program.  Over that time he has held the belief that a Summer Lacrosse experience can be a great compliment to a players continued development during the off season.

A player that LOVES the game of lacrosse that is looking to take his game to the next level can find a place in our program.  We want players that LOVE to play the game.  That is what we practice.  That is what we teach.

Our rosters will be assembled and developed on an invitation only basis at the high school level, while we will be conducting tryouts for our U11, U-12, U-13 & U-15. As we develop our rosters we will base our decisions on several factors and evaluate each player not only on their lacrosse ability, but rather the overall athletic character and individual personality of each player. 

It is our goal to assemble the best group of young men we can find and deliver to them the best possible lacrosse experience in hopes that each team will remain mostly intact through the following summers.  As these teams develop as a unit over time, and share in their summer lacrosse experiences for years, we believe THE EXPERIENCE will contribute to their individual lacrosse abilities and their development as young men.