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1.The Erie Youth Hockey tournaments are sanctioned by USA Hockey.  The tournaments will be conducted under the rules of EYHA and USA Hockey.

2.All teams and players from the United States participating in this tournament shall be properly registered with USA Hockey. Proof of USA Hockey stamped roster shall be presented to the Tournament Director prior to participating in the tournament.

3.All teams and players from Canada participating in the tournament shall be properly registered with CAHA.  Proof of registration shall be presented to the Tournament Director prior to participating in the tournament. All Canadian players must be properly registered with CAHA and must present player cards issued by their local geographical sanction area.  All Canadian players should also have a valid birth certificate attesting to their age.

4.Submission of team rosters: Unless prior permission has been received, the roster submitted to the Tournament Director shall be considered final.   All players must be listed on the USA Hockey Roster or addendum for the respective team on which they are playing.  No roster will be accepted after listed date and all team addendums must be registrar stamped.

5.A player may only play on one team in the Tournament.

6.The Tournament Committee requires that each team properly present its credentials prior to beginning tournament play.  Teams must sign in one hour in advance of their first game.

  • John Cochran Arena (JMC) 423 W 38th St, Erie, PA 16508
  • Mercyhurst University (MIC) 501 east 38th St. Erie Pa 16546. Located by Football/Baseball/Soccer Field
  • Erie Insurance Arena (EIA) 809 French St Erie Pa 16501

1.All coaches will initial the score sheet before the game begins and then sign after to ensure sure all is correct.

2.If there are two teams having to use the same ice exit door to go to the locker rooms, the designated visiting team will be the first to leave the ice and the home team's staff will keep the team at the bench until the visiting team has totally exited the ice.

3.Awards will be presented to the winning team & runner up in each division.


Tournament Format:

1.Spring Select/B Tournament:  ADM, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam & Midget

2.Erie Fall Face-Off Tournament: Squirt thru Bantam AA – Major / Minor and 16U

3.4 game guarantee


Tournament Point Structure:

This is a 5 point tournament.  Points will be awarded by periods: 1 point for a period win, ½ point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.  2 points will be awarded for the overall win of the game, 1 point for an overall game tie and 0 points for an overall loss.


Tournament Tie Breakers:

1.Head to Head

2.Most wins

3.Goals for (max 7 goals)

4.Goals Average Formula: Dividing the total number of Goals Against into the number of Goals For with the highest % advancing

5.Least Penalty minutes

6.Team scoring first goal in a head to head game

7.Flip of the coin



All forfeited games shall count as a 6-0 victory in the standings for the opposing team, and a 0-6 loss for the forfeiting team. Any organization sponsoring a team that forfeits their final non-elimination tournament game shall be excluded from registering teams in future Erie Youth Hockey Association tournaments, unless the Tournament Director determines that the decision to forfeit was in the best interest of ALL participating teams.


Time Structure:

1.All games below the Squirt/Atom “AA” level will consist of 3(12) minute stop clock periods.

2.All Peewee “AA” level games will consist of 12, 12, 15 minute stop clock periods.

3.Bantam levels will consist of 3 (15) minute stop clock periods with delay off-sides. 


Mercy Rule:

A running clock mercy rule will apply in any preliminary game, quarter, or semi-final game should the score be (6) six goals or more.  The running clock will continue unless the score comes within a 4-goal difference.  There will be no mercy rule in any championship game.


Playing Rules:

The official playing rules of USA Hockey will be used for all tournament games.

1.Home team wears white colored jersey. If the home team doesn’t have a white set of jerseys, then they will pick the color that they want to wear.  The home and visiting teams will be noted on the schedule. Teams are required to bring two (2) sets of jerseys-one light and one dark.  In the event of conflicting colors, the home team will be required to change jersey colors or wear overlays with numbers. Teams having only 1 set of jerseys must notify the tournament in advance.
All teams must be ready to take the ice and start the game up to 20 minutes earlier than the designated start time. Games will NOT run more than 20 min ahead of scheduled time.

2.All Teams must be ready to start their game 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time.

3.Time Outs: 1 (one) time out of 1 minute will be allowed per team in Semi and Championship games only. No additional time outs in overtime are allowed.

4.The use of SLAP SHOTS in the ADM or Squirt Divisions is prohibited and will result in a stoppage of play.

5.No non-player under the age of 18 will be allowed in the penalty box or bench at any time.  After a warning by the referee, a misconduct penalty shall be assessed to the offending player for violation of this rule.

6.The Tournament Director will be the final authority in all matters pertaining to the conduct and the governing of the respective Erie Tournaments. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED.

7.EYHA will not be responsible for any refund due to a team’s inability to participate in the tournament.  Refunds will be made if a team withdraws within 30 days of the tournament.  Teams withdrawing after 30 days will not receive a refund. 

8.In the event of circumstances outside of the control of EYHA, including but not limited to rink failures or other emergencies, the Tournament Director shall have full power to adjust the tournament schedule and tournament rules to accommodate the emergency.


Overtime play will be used to break ties at the end of the 3rd period.

1.2 minute rest

2.The clock will be set for 5 minutes and will be played to Sudden Victory

3.The 2nd overtime will be 3 minutes of 4 on 4 played to Sudden Victory

4.The 3rd overtime will be 3 minute of 3 on 3 played to Sudden Victory

5.If there is still not a victory, there will be a 5-players shoot out.  The names of designated shooters must be chosen in order on prior to start of the shoot out.

6.If the game is still tied, the team will go through the complete bench until a winning goal is scored.


Protective equipment:

Face masks certified by HECC are mandatory for all USA Hockey registered players in all divisions and levels of tournament play. All players in Peewee and Bantam divisions will use an internal mouth guard, which covers the teeth of the upper jaw. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Canadian teams will abide by the equipment requirements of their governing organization. In the event a team refuses to comply, the team will forfeit its games and no tournament fees will be refunded.

Penalties: (In accordance with USA Hockey)

1.All Minor penalties will be 2 minutes.

2.All Major penalties shall be 5 minutes in length.

3.All Misconduct penalties shall be 10 minutes in length. Misconducts will be either a 10-minute misconduct or a game misconduct. The game misconduct penalty will involve the suspension of the player, coach or manager for the remainder of the game and the next full game of the tournament. (Suspended individual may not be on the bench.)

4.Game misconducts issued in conjunction with a major for fighting or checking from behind will carry an automatic suspension of the player for the remainder of the tournament. Player will not be allowed on the bench.

5.In all cases where a Match Penalty is assessed, the incident shall be reviewed by the Tournament Director which has full power to impose further suspensions.  The incident will also be reported to the Player/Coach's Assn. for review. 


Team Responsibilities:

1.Lodging for the tournament is required to be made at the designated Tournament host hotels.

2.Teams are responsible for providing an individual to run the penalty box during the games.

3.Opposing team head coach will choose a MVP Award during championship games for both champion and runner up players.

4.Each team is responsible for any damage that might be done by any of its members to any locker room facilities or the hotel facilities used by the team during their participation in the tournament. Erie Lions Hockey requests that the coaches, managers, and players cooperate in keeping the locker rooms clean, orderly, and in good condition.