Skills and Drills Clinics

The BWBA Recreational League shall provide skills and drills clinics to assist in the collective advancement of the players across the various teams.  The clinics are designed for instruction, fun, and also to provide an introduction into drills that can be performed by both coaches during practice, and by the players with their parents and friends.  The clinics have the following goals:

  • Provide skill foundation for the player to continue to develop fundamentals of the game
  • Develop skills that are often overlooked or hard to cover in a normal practice setting
  • Provide teaching that can be applied that week in a game
  • Provide follow up materials through instruction guides and video that can be used by the player and parents to continue development at home

Attention Parents

Each clinic listed below includes the practice plan and instruction on how to perform the drills.  Feel free to take advantage of this as an opportunity work with your youth on these drills at home.  

Fielding and Throwing Clinic

This clinic focused on the fundamentals of fielding with some special instruction on throwing.  The skills are meant to be practiced in the order they are presented.  Key takeaways from this clinic include the following:

  • Proper positioning of the player when fielding the ball
  • Following through (shuffling) when throwing an infield ball
  • Throwing with proper grip and arm positioning
  • Learning to judge fly balls and proper technique for catching them

View the Clinic Drills and Videos Plan

Download the Clinic Drills and Videos Plan PDF