Providing lacrosse opportunities for players along the Emerald Coast.

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Dear Parents,

My name is James Reeves and I have been appointed coach of the FWBHS Club Lacrosse Team for the upcoming season.  This letter is to introduce you to club lacrosse at Fort Walton Beach High School.

September 8th we held a lacrosse clinic to introduce students to the great sport of lacrosse (The Fastest Game on Two Feet).  We anticipated a great turnout but we were astonished to have over 100 plus students, boy and girls, attend.  At the clinic, students expressed their desire to continue on with more clinics.  We listened and now we average over 50 students each clinic. 

As we progress from simple clinics to full pad practice we will begin to require Sport Insurance, Sport Physical, and waivers.  Below is the list of mandatory and option items.  Student may still attend our clinics every Tuesday and Thursday but will be limited to the type of activity they may participate in until certain items are completed.  

Our goal is to turn no one away.  We will work with you on everything we can!!!


Mandatory Items to purchase or completed.

  1.        US Lacrosse membership - US Lacrosse membership which cost $35.  Go to and purchase membership.  Membership includes a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine for one year along with Excess Accident Medial and General liability insurance to members while participating in covered US Lacrosse events at FWBHS.  Print a proof a membership card and turn  it into Coach Reeves.


  1.        Club fee - The Club fee is $220.  Fee covers but not limited to field fees, uniforms, sticks, pads, officials, and transportation.  Make check payable to FWBHS.  The $220 fee is not due in full and payments can be made throughout the year.


  1.        Participant Waiver and Release of Liability Form – Click on link to download form or see Coach Reeves for a form.  Turn form into Coach Reeves


  1.        Sports Physicals – (Link to Sport Physical and cost for this areaEach student athlete who wishes to participate must have a physical exam within 365 days prior to the first day of practice.  Sport Physicals are only valid for one year. Sport Physicals may be performed by the student's medical provider.  The goals of sports physicals are to evaluate an athlete's general health, current fitness level, risk of injury, and physical well-being. The Club fee is $200.  Fee covers include but not limited to field fees, uniforms, sticks, pads, officials, and transportation.

Optional items

  1.         Purchase of Lacrosse Stick to keep: $35.  Make checks payable to ECLL.
  2.        Restringing your stick from factor setting to premium setting. This should increase consistency with catching, throwing and shooting; $15.  Cash only at this time
  3.        Upgrade from factory mesh to premium mesh to include restringing the stick: This should significantly increase consistency with catching, throwing, shooting, and ball retention; $40.  Cash only at this time