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FHS Lacrosse Board Meeting 12/7/16

In attendance- Karma Hoffman, Cami Peterson, Susan Anderson, Keith Taylor, Jim Gochis, Leisa Child, Stacy Van Orden and Ryan Shaw.

Meeting place- Best Western 12th Street


I.Approval of minutes from previous meeting- Yes from all in attendance.

II.Current Bussniess

                *Vote in Shannon Harrop as 9th grade rep.- Motion by Leisa Child, second by Stacy VanOrden.

                *Vote to pay UHSLL registration fee of $100- Motion by Keith Taylor, second by Stacy VanOrden.

Bylaws- Discussed that there needs to be a change in the bylaws to insure that parents are informed if there is a vote by the board to replace the coach. Also was discussed to put in a probationary time that a coach must go through before he can be fired if other bylaws or laws are not broken. There needs to be 3 coach interviews by the board to insure good communication. First, middle and end of the yr. interviews. Also that the board may only have a minority of its members be assistant coaches. Ryan Shaw to make changes to the Bylaws and the board will vote on changes at the next board meeting.

Website- Facebook is up and running. No new twitter will be made, no one is maintaining the old one we don’t have a password. Keith will post a schedule of the games with a disclaimer that some games are subject to change.

Sanctioning- Karma will set up a meeting in January on a Friday. Cami will look into finding a teacher willing to help us apply for a club status.

Winter conditioning- Keith will send out reminders to players at the beginning of each week. Karma will make a payment for the use of the facility for December. Cami will send a list of all players who filled out paper work to Keith with the boys current phone numbers and email addresses.

Lettering- Stacy will come up with a list of criteria to meet for the boys to earn a letter in lacrosse. We discussed a points system and talked about including things like varsity playing time, service, sportsmanship, grades and citizenship as well as fundraising efforts.

Uniforms-It was discussed that a deadline for ordering new uniforms would be set for 9th of February, this will be talked about at the next parent meeting.

JV tournament- Ryan will send out a letter to other teams so that they can prepare for the set date of May 6th.

Clinic for Jr. Fremont Lacrosse- Leisa to head the tournament organization with the help of Jan Checketts. We decided on Saturday March 11th from 10-12. We will check on availability for Lee Olsen and charge $20 per kid.

Tournaments- Karma to check on registration dates for Gathering of the Tribes In March. Coach Karner needs to decide on a # of boys to take to Boise Invitational in March so a block of room can be reserved. Still waiting on information on the Wasatch Chil-lax freshman/sophomore tourney.

Parent meeting- Monday January 23rd at 7:00 in the cafeteria at Fremont.

III. Items to be discussed at the next board meeting.

  • Fundraising
  • Equipment
  • Game filming

Next Board Meeting scheduled for January 11th @7:00 at Best Western.



FHS Lacrosse Board Meeting Minutes from 11/02/2016

In attendance- Karma Hoffmann, Cami Peterson, Matt Dixon, Keith Taylor and Susan Anderson

Meeting Place- Jerimiah’s

Time- 7:30pm

Not enough members of the board were present to vote on or approve anything on the agenda. However, the following items were discussed.


A large portion of the time was spent putting together a budget using the bank statements from last year. We felt it was important to do so so we could set some fundraising goals and be able to justify how much to charge each player for the spring season. Susan Anderson itemized the budget and will send a copy to the board members.

II.Current Busniess

Website- Keith Taylor has gotten the passwords to Facebook and has control of the website. Keith Taylor will post the parent meeting letter on the website.

Strength Trainer- Keith Taylor talked to Rebecca Moser and are in discussion about cost and use of West Haven CrossFit. Stacy VanOrden talked to her sister, she said she would charge $125 a boy. This would include 16 weeks of training 3x a week. Days and location were not decided upon.

Sanctioning meeting w/ Dr. Belnap- Karma Hoffmann will schedule a meeting for 11/11/2016 after 3 to discuss sanctioning. The board members who can make it are invited and encouraged to attend. The GULL is going forward with a sanctioning meeting on 11/17/2016.

Winter Practice Facilities- Matt Dixon is looking in to the following places as potential places to hold practices this winter. Best Buy on Riverdale Rd., a warehouse on 1900, BDO, Weber State, Farr West Gym and Campus Books on 1900. Coach Karner wants to start in late November on Tues, Wed and Thurs from 6 to7:30.

Parent Meeting- The meeting will take place on 11/14/2016 in the cafeteria at FHS starting at 7:30. Cami Peterson will drop off flyers and talk to Wahlquist Jr. about making announcements. Karma Hoffmann will do the same at Fremont and Susan Anderson will go to Rocky Mt. Jr. as well.

Fundraising-  Papa Murphy cards will be purchased  by Matt Dixon and be passed out at the parent meeting for the boys to sell. Matt Dixon will also look into finding some corporate sponsors for the team. He will look in to all of the trucking companies from Plain City. Cami Peterson will contact Boman and Kemp and Jerimiah’s. It was also discussed to put together a fundraising committee and ask for volunteers at the parent meeting.

JV Tournament- It was discussed that we should schedule the tournament for the Saturday after regulation play which is May 6th, all day.

Clinic for Jr. Fremont LAX- it was discussed that we appoint someone to be in charge of organizing the Clinic.

Uniforms- It was brought to our attention that the pennies are not NFHS regulation. We decided Karma Hoffmann would let the Diane Cannell  know we are aware and that we will order Jerseys for next year. We have decided to use the same uniforms again because the players and parents were told we would use them for two yrs.

Fees- Susan Anderson was going to look in to setting up a pay pal account for the online paying of fees. We decided that $110 per player would be a fair amount to ask for to play in the Spring league.

End of Year Banquet- It was decided to try and reserve the cafeteria at FHS on either the 29th of April or the 13th of May for the end of year banquet. Karma Hoffmann was going make some calls and find a date.

III.Items to be discussed at the next board meeting

  • Vote in 9th grade rep. Shannon Harrop
  • Review Bylaws
  • Lettering
  • Equipment
  • Game Filming
  • Year Book Picture
  • Conflict of interest forms for board members

Next Board Meeting scheduled for December 8th @7:00pm at Best Western