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Loudoun South Little League

2017 Spring Intermediate League

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Loudoun South Little League (LSLL) 2017 Intermediate League is a new program for League Age 12 and 13 players. The program is designed to be a transitional level for players to move from the "small" Little League fields to the "big" Middle School and Juniors fields. Intermediate League games are played on a transitional diamond of 70’ base paths and 50’ pitching distance. In addition, base runners are now allowed to take ‘Lead-Offs’ on the bases, and may attempt steals at any time while the ball is in play.

The Intermediate League teams will play against other leagues in our surrounding Districts. Travel will be required for all Away games played during the regular season.


Players that are eligible to play in the Little League Majors Division and the Intermediate Division will be permitted to play in both divisions at the same time during the Regular Season.

NOTE: Players wishing to participate in the Little League Post Season All Star teams in the Intermediate division must play in that respective division during the season and participate in at least 60% of their teams game and every team must play in a minimum of 12 games during the regular season.



Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Middle School Baseball Program?

A: League age 12 and 13 year old players.


Q: Which local little leagues are participating in the program?

A: Teams will play a schedule which includes Greater Faquier Little League, Caroline County Little League, Coles Little League, Woodbridge Little League, Front Royal Little League, as well as teams from within the LSLL boundaries.


Q: When will evaluations be held for the program?

A: 2017 evaluations will be held early spring 2017.


Q: What is the expected roster size for each team in the program?

A: Each team is expected to carry between 12 and 15 players on the roster to ensure sufficient players should schedule conflicts arise.


Q: What are the time commitments for for program?

A: It is expected that the teams will have one practice during the week and play two games each week. The exact schedule is yet to be determined so please check back frequently.


Q: My player is currently on Duaa travel team. Will they be able to continue playing travel baseball and participate in the program?

A: Yes. We are communicating with the coaches of the local travel teams to try and ensure cooperation. Given our expected time commitments for the program and our expected days of participation we believe we will avoid most or all conflicts with travel team schedules.


Q: Will there be an additional cost to participate in the program?

A: No, the standard LSLL registration fees of $175 + $25 capital improvement fee + $25 fundraising fee will be used for the program. At the time of registration, each player will be placed on a waitlist. Once a player is placed on a team they will be moved off the waitlist and payment must be made within 24 hours to retain the player's spot on the team.


Q: Will participation in the program make my player eligible for All Stars?

A: Yes, there is an Intermediate League All-Star team. Please note that players must participate in 60% of the games played by the team to be eligible for All-Stars.


Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Please contact the Vice President at  if you have questions or need more information.


Q: How do I register for the program?

A: Please click here for registration in the program.