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In Attendance: Dave Perry, Ashley Hanson, Greg Ellis, Dave White, Jamie Chambers, Steve Licitra

Call to order by President Dave Perry

Roll Call completed by Secretary Ashley Hanson

  • Absent Board & Committee Members: Greg Toback, Linda Mills, Joe Bragaw

Overview of October 2016 minutes

  • Motion to approve made by G. Ellis seconded by D. White; all present were in agreement

Treasurer’s Report

  • Fall Uniforms balance needs to be paid ($750)
  • Ending balance of $4600 ($2500 more than this time last year)
  • See Treasurer’s Report for additional details
  • Approved by D. White, seconded by J. Chambers; all present were in agreement


  • Bank Statement

Reports of the Committee

  • Ways and Means Committee
    • Sponsor banner is missing for All State: David White
      • Banner will be made for Spring. Banner will be placed on ELBR website in the meantime. A. Hanson will work with D. White to complete this.
    • J. Chambers reported that C. Holloway and himself would like to continue on the Ways and Means Committee in 2017.

Unfinished Business

  • Key Return
    • D. Perry reached out to all coaches who had keys and equipment. (note that D. White handed his in)
  • Elections
    • Unable to hold elections due to lack of response
    • Other leagues in district having same issue with lack of volunteers and board members.

New Business

  • States: 13U Championship Game
    • We were asked to host for 2017 but need to discuss this with the new board
  • 13U Extreme Team
    • Some members of ELBR would like to form a 13U Extreme Team under the ELBR league; this team would not play inner league teams but would travel exclusively. Requires further discussion on finances to work out details


  • December 14, 2016 at 7:30pm East Lyme Community Center

Public Comment

  • None


  • G. Ellis motioned to adjourn, D. White seconded; all present in agreement