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East Lyme Babe Ruth

Monthly Board of Directors’ Meeting

September 14, 2016


1.     Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance by the Presiding Officer


2.     Roll Call, by the Secretary


Attendance: Don Barnes, Jaime Chambers, Chris Holloway, Dave White, Greg Ellis, Dave Perry (absent with previous notice: Ashley Hanson & Greg Toback)


3.     Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting (August 2016), by the Secretary

·       Minutes were reviewed – Holloway moved to accept, Chambers second – Unanimous Approval


4.     Treasurer’s Report

·       G. Ellis noted an additional $500 matching donation by UBS on behalf of J. Chambers

·       Received invoice from J. Chambers for Fast Signs for Sponsorship Signage

·       Treasurer discussed 16/18 resulted in approximately $3,400 in registration fees but cost approximately $4,600 for league fees, uniforms and equipment.  This led to a discussion about the feasibility of fielding two 16/18 teams versus one team in future seasons. 

·       Treasurer advised with anticipated income and expenses the expected year-end balance to be approximately $3,000 to $3,500

·       Holloway moved for acceptance, Chambers seconded, unanimous approval


5.     Correspondence

League received a bank statement and the aforementioned UBS donation


6.     Reports of the Committees

·       Ways and Means – discussed the success of fundraising to date as well as potential sources of fundraising such as team sponsorship for the 2017 season.


7.     Unfinished Business

·       Key Return: President discussed the urgent need for all spring coaches to return their keys and equipment if they have not already done so.  Coaches no longer active with ELBR must return their keys to all ELBR facilities ASAP.

·       Fall Ball: President discussed the Fall Ball season, the size of the registration, coaches, structure and schedule.  Board recognized the success of ELBR in fielding three teams, as most other towns are only able to field one team

·       Concession: There was a discussion regarding the potential of keeping concession open during fall ball for light refreshments – drink, candy, chips.  But that there would be no cooking of food during fall ball.


8.     New Business

·       New Board: President began a discussion regarding the current board members who may no longer be able to be involved as their children will no longer be eligible for 13-15 Babe Ruth.  Board discussed potential members, Don Barnes was recognized as an active participant in Little League.  Discussed the need to talk to recruit new members.

·       Registration:  President initiated a discussion regarding the declining enrollment of various Babe Ruth Leagues in the area.  Attendees discussed AAU baseball and the benefits of Babe Ruth baseball versus AAU teams. Discussed the lower cost, local play and the opportunity to play with schools friends and to represent your home town.  Other Babe Ruth options were discussed, such as select Babe Ruth teams that offer a higher level of play against regional competition, but at a much lower cost compared to AAU programs. President stressed the need for all board members to be advocates for Babe Ruth play and the benefits of the league.


9.     Calendar

·       Next monthly meeting – October 12, 2016  7:30pm EL Community Center


10.  Public Comment – None


11.  Adjournment – Dave White moved to adjourn, Holloway seconded.