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In Attendance: Dave Perry, Ashley Hanson, Greg Ellis, Jeff Dipollina, Chris Holloway, Jamie Chambers

Call to Order by President Dave Perry

Roll Call Completed by Secretary Ashley Hanson

  • Absent Board & Committee Members: Greg Toback, Joe Bragaw, Linda Mills

Overview of July 2016 minutes

  • Nothing of interest to note
  • Motion to approve made by G. Ellis, seconded by J. Dipollina; All present were in agreement.

Treasurer’s Report (see Treasurer’s Report for details)

  • Pending check $2900 for 16-18U
  • We are balanced at approximately $3100
  • C. Holloway bought T-shirts to sell and brought in $1400
  • Motion to approve made by A. Hanson, seconded by C. Holloway; All present were in agreement.


  • Bank Statement for the month was given to G. Ellis

Reports of Committees


  • Ways and Means Committee
    • Received a check from M. Walker
    • Castello’s is sending a donation to the league, unsure of the amount.
    • D. Perry to follow-up with J. Chambers about pending sponsors.
    • C. Chambers will put up signs for sponsors who have paid since the last meeting (Ramella, C. Chambers, Charter Oak)

o  Still waiting on fonts for the Little League banner

  • Four sponsors will be put on the Fall Ball shirts (Flanders Fish, Fast Signs, Illianos and possibly one other pending)


Unfinished Business

  • Equipment Return
    • C. Hollway, B. Yurelle and A. Casey still have equipment from previous season and need to return it for Fall Ball.
    • Recognizing the 15U Tournament Team - Awesome job!

New Business

  • Fall Ball
    • Registration / Team Totals
      • Open immediately until 9/7/2016. The cost will be $100 and the hope is to be able to create four teams
      • Ordering T-Shirt this week
      • Teams will be 13-15U but will be distributed evenly
      • D. Perry to talk to A. Stefanski about whether 15 year olds who would have graduated BR would be eligible to play
    • Player / Manager Selection
      • There will be at least one evaluation day required. Dates are tentatively set for 9/7 and 9/8.
      • Managers – D. Perry to put out an email that anyone who is interested needs to contact him
    • Schedule (practice / games)
      • Try to practice 1x a week; Games on the weekend
      • Games will be scheduled through the District, but we can still play in- house. D. Perry will talk to A. Stefanski about game schedules and report back as needed.
      • Games to start on the weekend after Labor Day (approximately 9/9)
    • Concession Stand
      • Try to open concession stand as much as possible to get rid of current stock. We will not be stocking up in Fall.


  • Following Meetings have been approved and will be held in the Oliver Chendali Room at the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department:
    • September 14, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

o   ANNUAL MEETING – October 12, 2016

  • Please contact D. Perry ahead of time if you cannot make the meeting that way we can reschedule with ample amount of time if need be.

Public Comment

  • None


  • G. Ellis motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by C. Holloway; all present were in agreement.