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In Attendance: Dave Perry, Ashley Hanson, Joe Bragaw, Greg Ellis, David White, Chris Holloway

Call to Order by President Dave Perry

Roll Call Completed by Secretary Ashley Hanson

o   Absent Board & Committee Members: Greg Toback, Jamie Chambers, Linda Mills

Overview of June 2016 minutes

o   Nothing of interest to note

o   Motion to approve made by G. Ellis, seconded by C. Holloway; All present were in agreement.

Treasurer’s Report (see Treasurer’s Report for details)   

o   Fall Ball will bring in approximately $2200

o   Moving forward, 2nd Session Fees will be increased to $100 to help with the current financial disparity. This will be discussed further at the August meeting.

o   16-18U – Cost $2900 to charter, not counting ump fees. We only brought in $1800 in registration.

o   M. Walker needs to pay sponsorship in order for us to hang the banner for his business

o   C. Holloway to buy shirts to sell for Championship with all proceeds benefiting the league. All teams participating in the tournament will be named on the shirts

o   Motion to approve made by D. White, seconded by J. Bragaw; All present were in agreement.


o   Nothing to Date

Reports of Committees

o   Ways and Means Committee

o   Fast Signs is waiting on businesses to confirm logo and design before printing

Unfinished Business

·        Hosting 15 Year Old State Tournament

o   District 7 did not submit a winning team

o   We are unsure of who is representing Districts 1, 3 and 7. We are waiting on confirmation from Frank Rocca. He should be sending the bracket to D. Perry tonight.

o   C. Holloway gave out bracket draft with times. There are weather concerns for Saturday. If weather becomes an issue, we will move games around on Sunday and Monday in order to get back on track.

o   C. Holloway reported Mike Powers’ vendors will be available to vend at fields that do not have a concession stand.

o   A. Stefanski secured umpires for all tournament games. Each team is to pay $70 at the game. The championship game will cost each team $105.

o   C. Holloway gave our tournament packet, which was approved, once the blurb from official bracket is added. D. Perry sent this change to C. Holloway via email during the meeting. 

o   Volunteers –

§  D. Perry will act as Tournament Director with D. White as backup.

§  G. Toback and J. Chambers offered to help where needed

§  Volunteers will be needed at Veterans Field to work the score board, announcing and official scorekeeper

o   Concessions –

§  D. Perry to access, clean and stock for the tournament

o   D. Perry to create a spreadsheet for C. Holloway to fill in any gaps where volunteers are needed.

o   D. Putnam spoke and addressed questions about needs for the tournament

§  There is power at Bridebrook near the bathroom facilities. He will have someone check out the outlets behind dugout to see if they work. In case they don’t, the town will provide extension cords as needed.

§  A microphone and speaker will be available for pick-up on Friday, July 8.

§  J. Bragaw discussed field needs for the tournament in case of bad weather. D. Putnam assured the league that we are first priority and it shouldn’t be a problem using all the fields.

§  Portable Tents are available from the town. D. Perry has 4 of his own that he will bring; D. Putnam will give 1.    D. White and J. Bragaw have backup tents

§  D. Perry to remind D. Putnam about $250 check for paint that was used on the concession stand. G. Ellis will send an invoice for materials.

§  Fields will be lined Friday, July 8. The town will leave the tools for field official use.

§  D. Perry is the field contact for the tournament.

New Business

o   Fall Ball

o   This will be discussed further at the August meeting

o   We will need to advertise

o   Hats are already ordered

o   Shirts will be ordered through the High School Print Shop


o    Following Meetings have been approved and will be held in the Oliver Chendali Room at the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department at 7:30 pm:

o   September 14, 2016

o   ANNUAL MEETING – October 12, 2016

o   Please contact D. Perry ahead of time if you cannot make the meeting that way we can reschedule with ample amount of time if need be.

Public Comment

o   None


o   D. White motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by J. Bragaw; all present were in agreement.