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In Attendance: Dave Perry, Ashley Hanson, Greg Toback, Greg Ellis, David White, Chris Holloway, Scott Shelkly, Jamie Chambers, Alex Jones, Lynda Mills, Joe Bragaw, Jeff Dipollina, Allen Casey

Call to Order by President Dave Perry


Roll Call Completed by Secretary Ashley Hanson Overview of May 2016 minutes

  • Nothing of interest to note
  • Motion to approve made by G. Ellis, seconded by G. Toback; All present were in agreement.


Treasurer’s Report (see Treasurer’s Report for details)


  • Received about $3700 in sponsorships; $1000 of which was from EL Little League
  • Need add a team to our contract, cost will be $220.
  • Still owe $1350 for umpires in Session II
  • See Treasurer’s Report for additional details
  • Motion to approve made by D. White, seconded by J. Bragaw; All present were in agreement.




  • Received $15 donation from Justina’s Barbershop
  • No correspondence as of June 6, 2016


Reports of Committees


  • By-Laws (Reported by G. Toback )
    • By-Laws are outdated and need to be updated soon.
    • All-Star Picks – Spoke about how the by-laws say the kids are to vote on the first 10 players, however, this has not been how the League has conducted this process in the last few years. It was proposed that we amend the by-laws to say All Managers from Session II choose the first 10 kids on every team; final say will be with the manager of the team. If when choosing the initial 10, there is conflict, then it will be majority vote that decides. See attachment for additional information. All in attendance voted unanimously to amend the by-laws to reflect this. Amendment officially accepted by J. Bragaw, seconded by D. White.
  • Ways and Means Committee (Reported by C. Holloway and J. Chambers)
    • C. Holloway gave out 50+ forms to local business and received $6200 in pledges.
      • $1000 EL Little League – unanimous Board decision
      • $550 Kozlowski proposal, but still working on an agreement


  • Proofs of sponsorship banners for the field will be available in the next couple of days.
  • D. Putnam offered $250 from the town to help offset the c ost of paint and other field maintenance. He said the town would pay 50% of the cost to paint the press box.
    • Seidel is going to cut the weeds down around the parking lot at Vets in hopes we can save some game balls.
    • J. Gator will be replacing the bulbs on the scoreboard and one light on the Concession Stand. His business also replaced the water heater as a donation.


Unfinished Business


  • Hosting 14 year old District 6 Tournament – Starts June 25th
    • Brackets will be pulled on June 8 at the President’s meeting
      • All of the All Star Coaches need to attend
      • Tournament books will be discussed and need to be completed by June 21 for review.
    • East Lyme is hosting the 14U tournament
      • Waterford hosting 13U
      • Groton hosting 15U
    • When Players sign up, we must stress that the Concession stand must be manned even for games that EL teams will not be in. Parents will need to volunteer for this.
    • Consent forms for all players must be by June 11. Selections will take place on June 12. This is managers only meeting. A. Hanson and D. Perry will also be in attendance as Player Agent and Co-Player Agent.
  • Hosting 15 year old State Tournament – Starts July 8th
    • No food trucks will be allowed at Veterans Field.
    • Looking to use the Salem field and ELHS field during this time for practices and possible games.
  • 16 – 18 – Starts June 12th
    • Games will begin June 19
    • A. Jones recruited 16-18s and was able to create two teams. He will help in ensuring the teams are split evenly between coaches Yourell and Casey.
    • J. Bragaw and D. Putnam will create a schedule for practice and games
    • R. Beanie is the 16-18 League Commissioner and will contact J. Bragaw about the teams.
    • Baseballs are a large expense; the league has most of the gear and helmets for them but may need to order some.


New Business


  • Session II Schedule – Make up games
    • All games that were missed need to be made up. Every team MUST play 10 games; all players seeking consideration for All Stars must have played at least 5 of the 10 games.
  • C. Malcolm & G. Powers are playing on school team tournaments. D. Perry to contact Babe Ruth Headquarters about them.
  • Volunteer Forms
    • All managers and coaches need to fill out the form. It will last for 3 years.
  • Babe Ruth Coach Certification
    • Coaches that are new to Babe Ruth must go into the link on the website, complete the course and print the certificate to go into the Tournament book. This certification lasts a lifetime.
  • Consent Forms
    • Consent forms went out to all players via email. They have to be returned by June 11. The Bottom portion needs to be filled out and it’s highly encouraged that parents volunteer since we are hosting several tournaments.
  • Tournament Teams / Manager Selection
    • Selections will take place on June 12 @ 7pm
    • 13U and 14U managers need to bring checks for umpires to the tournaments




  • The following Meetings have been approved and will be held in the Oliver Chendali Room at the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department at 7:30 pm: (Date/Time and Location are subject to change)

o  July 13, 2016

  • August 10, 2016
  • Please contact D. Perry ahead of time if you cannot make the meeting that way we can reschedule with ample amount of time if need be.


Public Comment


  • No comments were made at this time.




  • G.Toback motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by J. Chambers. All present were in agreement.