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Participation in Little League is based on age and skill level. Once players are registered according to age, their skill level will be evaluated at tryouts, and they will be assigned to the appropriate league.  The following is a quick guide to determine a player’s league options and tuition. Detailed descriptions of each of the Softball Leagues are found on the Softball Leagues page.


Player Age

Grade/Birth Dates

Softball League Options


All girls in K


Softball Tee Ball


All girls in 1st

1st Grade3

A Ball


All girls in 2nd

2nd Grade4

AA Softball



Born in 2009

AAA Softball



Born in 2008

AAA or Minors



Born in 2007

Minors, AAA or Majors



Born in 2006

Majors or Minors



Born in 2005

Majors or Juniors



Born in 2004




Born in 2003





District Team11




Friendship Team11



Notes regarding League Options and Tuition:


  1. The Board of Education has instituted a mandatory fee of $25 per player per sport per season to use the Darien school fields.  This fee will be added to your registration.  In addition, a $50 late fee is assessed for registrants in kindergarten and higher after January 15, 2018.
  2. Girls in Kindergarten, most all of whom will have been born in 2012, will play in Softball Tee Ball.
  3. Girls in first grade, most all of whom will have been born in 2011, will play in A softball.
  4. Girls in second grade, most all of whom will have been born in 2010, will play in AA.
  5. Girls born in 2009 will play in AA or AAA.
  6. Girls born in 2008 may try out for Minors. Those not selected for Minors will play in AAA.
  7. Girls born in 2007 may try out for Minors.  Most girls will play in Minors.
  8. Girls born in 2006 may try out for Majors. Those not selected for Majors will play in Minors.
  9. Most girls born in 2005 will play in Majors. Depending on the number of girls who sign up for Juniors, there may be an opportunity for girls born in 2005 to try out for Juniors. We will not know how many girls born in 2005, if any, can be accommodated in Juniors until early in 2018, when registration is complete.
  10. All girls born in 2004 and 2003 will play in Juniors.
  11. From time to time, District and/or Friendship teams may be formed, particularly in the upper age groups.


DLL New Player Field Improvement Fee - Increased participation in the baseball and softball programs has put enormous pressure on all of our facilities. In order to continue to maintain and improve McGuane and to ensure the highest quality playing conditions at all of the other facilities that we use on an on going basis, the Field Improvement Fee of $100 will be assessed for first time registrants in Spring Darien Little League (returning players are not required to pay this fee). If a player has played Summer Ball or Fall Ball but has not played in the Spring season he or she is considered a New Player. The maximum field improvement fee per family is $200.

Board of Education Field Use Fee: The BOE has instituted a mandatory fee of $25 per player, per sport, per season to use the Darien school fields. This fee will be in addition to your base registration fee and is automatically added.

Scholarships: Scholarships are available upon request. Please contact Myles Ridder at with any questions.

T-Ball, A Ball, AA Ball: Refunds will be issued (less a $25 processing fee) before the player's first game. After the player's first game, refunds will only be issued (on a pro-rata basis) for season-ending injuries with a doctor's note.

AAA, Minors, Majors: Refunds will be issued (less a $25 processing fee) before notification of team rosters. After notification of team rosters, refunds will only be issued (on a pro-rata basis) for season-ending injuries with a doctor's note.

If you have any questions about registration, please email Andrea Halvorsen at .