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  1. Each Coach for Playoff Games held at St Patrick's and St Joseph's should be prepared to pay one Referee Fee of $50. 

  2. Each Coach for HS Playoff Games held at Resurrection should be prepared to pay one Referee Fee of $60 for a Game.

  3. Referee Fees for Playoff Games held at IONA will be paid by the County CYO Office.

  4. Encourage your Players to wear street shoes to the gym and then to change into clean, dry basketball shoes when they arrive.

  5. Please - no outside basketballs should be brought into any of the Playoff Gyms, other than one game ball per team. 

  6. Only Players and Coaches are allowed on the gym floor.

    • There will be no "shooting around" during timeouts, half time, etc. For the safety of players and to keep the schedule timely, the court must stay clear at all times between games and during other breaks in the action.

    • Please walk along the baselines and sidelines in order to allow the next teams to warm up safely and to keep the floor clean.

  7. Scorers' Table: Unlike the regular season, seating at the scorers' table for the clock and book will be limited to representatives of each facility.

  8. The CYO Code of Conduct will be enforced at the Playoff Games.  Please Click below for a reminder.