Field Measurements for Each League

This provides a list of key field measurements for each league.  Here are some important notes regarding these measurements:

  • Measurements from Home plate start from the back/apex of the plate
  • Measurements from the mound start from the front of the rubber
  • Measurements to/from first and third base start at the very back corner of the bag closest to the outfield and baseline
  • Measurements to 2rd start at the center of the bag


Field Diagram


  A - Pitching Rubber to Home Plate B - Base to Base C - First to Third or Home to Second D - Pitching Rubber to Second
T-Ball NA 50' 70' 9" NA
Machine Pitch 46' 60' 84' 10" 38' 10"
Minors 46' 65' 91' 11" 45' 11"
Majors 50' 70' 99' 49'