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General T-Ball Information


With your T-Ball registration your child will receive:

  • a team shirt
  • a team hat

You must provide:

  • a glove
  • a cup
    (It is required that your child wear a protective cup for practices and games.)

Other Items:

  • Bat and Helmet
    (You can also get a bat and helmet if you like, but your team manager will be provided with bat and helmet options for your team to use.)
  • Pants
    (It is highly suggested that your child wear pants when playing baseball. It can be baseball pants or sweat pants.)

Every season, we are provided a 20% OFF coupon from Dick's Sporting Goods (Plainville) to deliver to our league members.


Links for Local Sports Stores:



None of the drills shown below are perfect, but are basic drills you can use to start building your T-Baller's skills.

"Scoop, Load and Fire" Fielding and Throwing:

Holding the Bat:

Squash The Bug​ Batting Drill
(Not everyone agrees with this idea, but it is an easy way for kids to remember basically how they should twist their body. The twisting of the back foot is really to help the player twist their hips.)

Catching Drill:
(As a coach or parent, teaching a 4 or 5 year old to catch will possibly be the hardest thing you do in baseball. Try this drill, and try to do it everyday. It doesn't have to be for long, but as often as possible.)