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Bobblehead Jamboree
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White Plains Youth Lacrosse will be hosting a Boys k, 1st, and 2nd grade, end-of-season lacrosse jamboree on June 10th.  This will be a great way to end the season and for the players to demonstrate all the skills they have learned throughout the spring.  Go to to register.
Jamboree Details
◦    June 10th from 9am – 12pm, White Plains High School
◦    Fee: $180 per team
◦    3 Divisions - Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade
◦    4 v 4 format to give all players more “touches” with the ball.  No goalies
◦    Cross field games on small fields
◦    25 minute games, running time.  Each team will play 3 games.
◦    Team rosters should be around 10-12 players.  Town programs can enter multiple teams into the jamboree.
◦    Food and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the day
Jamboree Rules
◦    We encourage the coaches to help the players with on-field coaching, within reason.
◦    There will be a 2 “attempted” pass rule before shooting.  At least 1 pass must be made in your offensive end.
◦    Subs can be made when the ball goes out of bounds.  When subbing, coaches should sub all 4 players at the same time.  Teams should also try to sub together to limit the number of stops.  Coaches can also sub players on the fly if needed.
◦    If there is a penalty, there will be a “play on” situation.   If the team loses the ball immediately, the ball will be given back to them.
◦    To keep the game moving and to limit the number of stops, there will only be a face-off at the beginning of the game. 
◦    After a goal, the team who was scored on will receive the ball.  The defensive team must drop back past the midline.
◦    No long poles, no body checks, no one-handed checks.
If your team is up by more than 4 goals, please encourage your team to try and work the ball around 1 time before shooting, and/or getting assisted goals. 
Questions, email us at   or call 914-907-0343