Machine Pitch – Grades 1st and 2nd

  • Emphasis on improving skills, Teamwork and Sportsmanship

  • Scores will be kept all season. Score book will be provided and MUST be used by both coaches during games. ALL COACHES MUST KEEP A BOOK

  • Prior to the start of each game, each team will exchange their  “defensive player rotation form” and batting order with opposing team. (Coaches YOU must have your line ups prepared before you arrive for game to avoid any delays in starting game.)

  • During a game, each team will also notify the other team of any change in “defensive player rotation form” or batting order.

  • The coaches and umpire will sign off on “defensive player rotation form” to confirm play

  • Head coach of winning team will put final score on “defensive player rotation form” and turn it into concession stand.

  • Game Length

    • In the regular season, the duration of a game will be the 4th completed inning or such earlier inning that starts 1:15 minutes from the scheduled start time of the game.  The final inning, whether it is the 4th inning or such earlier inning as determined by time, shall be announced by the umpires as “the final inning” and that inning shall be played to completion.  

    • Games may end in a tie.  

    • All games played will count towards the standings to determine the seedings for the season ending tournament.

    • Halted Game. In the event a game is halted by weather, such game is official if each team has had 3 full innings at-bat or if the home team is ahead in the bottom of the 3rd inning.  If a game has been halted before it has qualified as official, then the game will be rescheduled and will resume from where it was delayed even if less than one inning.  

    • Make-Up Games.  All games postponed during the regular season shall be scheduled to be made up by the league.  The league will notify both coaches of the time and date.

  • Playing Time.  

    • A player must play an infield position and an outfield position during each game, and may play no more than two inning at any position. This is tracked using the “defensive player rotation form”.

    • A team can start a game with less than 9 players.  The coaches should make every attempt to field 9 players.  If a team has less than 9 players an out WILL NOT occur when that missing player is scheduled to take his turn at bat.  

    • Every team must play a catcher who is to be within 6ft of home plate.

    • When a team is short less than 9 of players, they may pick up players from our BWBA recreation program only from the level below “Machine Pitch” it would be “T-Ball”.  Any replacement player(s) may only play outfield and must hit at the bottom of the order.  If a team made arrangements for a replacement player due to expected absence but ended up with 9 of its players at the start of the game, the replacement player may still play but only with the agreement of the opposing coach.  If the 9th player arrives late, the replacement player may continue to play.

    • The batting order will be set at the beginning of the game and there will be no changes in the order.  All players will bat.  

    • All of the players will play defense.  

    • There will not be any extra infielders.  Extra players will be spread around the outfield.

    • There is free substitution of players.  

  • Season Ending Tournament  

    • In determining the league champion, a season ending tournament shall be held. The tournament shall be a single elimination format.  Seedings for the tournament shall be based upon the regular season record.

    • The official length of games for all tournament games shall be 4 complete innings, with extra innings for games ending in a tie until a winner is determined.  

    • A team may play short handed or pick up a player from a younger league only.  A replacement player will not be permitted to play if the team has 9 of its regular players at the start of the game.  If the 9th player arrives late, he would replace the replacement player in the lineup.

Machine Pitch Rules

The Machine Pitch League will follow the Official Little League Rules except for the following:

  1. Coaches for the defensive team can be on the field with their players. (No more than two defensive coaches shall be allowed on the field. These coaches must remain behind outfielders at all times and may not interfere with the play of the game.)

  2. The distance between the bases will be 60 feet.  The pitching mound distance will be 46 feet

  3. The playing field will be laid out as outlined in the diagram below.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.40.33 PM.png  


  4. A coach from the batting team will use pitching machine.  

    1. The “Pitching Machine” must be placed over the pitching mound, motor of machine will be directly above pitching rubber.

    2. Coaches will set the pitch speed to 36-38 MPH for all players.

    3. No adjusting of the machine after games begins.

  5. A defensive player may be stationed to the immediate left or right of the coach within SIX feet (The defensive player must be parallel or behind machine) until the ball is hit. The pitcher position will wear a protective helmet with mask provided by BWBA.

  6. If a coach gets hit by a ball or deems it necessary to knock a ball down (self-defense), the ball will stay in play.

  7. If the machine is hit, the ball is still in play and is considered a live ball.

  8. Three strikes shall be played as an out.  (Seven Pitch maximum to each batter) – No walks. If seventh ball is a foul, batter will receive another pitch and will continue until batter hits or strikes out.

  9. The catcher position is mandatory you must play it every inning.

  10. There will be no stealing or leading off of the bases.  If the base runner leaves before the ball is hit, he will be sent back to base he previously occupied.

  11. There will be no intentional contact by the base runner with a player covering a base.  All runners must slide to avoid contact.

  12. There will be no bunting.  All batted balls must go past a 6 foot arc from back of home plate, on the ground or in the air to be fair, otherwise it will be a foul ball.

  13. If a player bats out of order this will result in a warning. (Second offense will constitute an out) and if a hit ball occurs during batting out of order any player(s) that advanced will have to return to original occupied base(s).

  14. There will be a maximum 10 batters per inning if three outs do not happen first.

  15. There is no infield fly rule.  The ball will be played.

  16. A batted ball hit into fair territory is a live ball. A ball is considered dead when, a thrown ball is in the possession of any infielder in the skinned infield area, no runners are advancing, and no play is being made.

  17. In the case of an overthrow at a base, runners may advance 1 base as long as the ball remains in play.

  18. A ball is out of play when it passes a line defined as “the bench fences extended” or goes under or over the backstop. In the case of an overthrow that goes out of play all runners shall be awarded the base that they were advancing to (if they are advancing), plus one base.

  19. A runner who leaves the base after the ball is dead must return to the base. At the time of a dead ball, if a runner has passed a base or is advancing to next base and is past the ½ way chalk line (30 feet) the runner will be awarded that base. This will be determined by the umpire.

  20. If a catcher is on base with two outs (or if the tenth batter of the inning is up at bat), the last batter called out on the on team may substitute as a runner for the catcher to expedite putting on catcher's gear.

  21. The umpire will make the call at the bases.  (If the play is too close to call the runner is safe. We want the players to have as much experience running the bases as possible.)