T-Ball – Grades Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

  • Emphasis on teaching baseball fundamentals (hitting, throwing, base-running, rules of game, etc)

  • Keeping score of the game is discouraged.  There will be no league standing kept. This league is very instructional and is intended to teach the players the fundamentals of the game.

  • Coaches for the defensive team can be on the field with their players.

  • Game Length

    • Games will be a maximum of four innings or one hour, whichever comes first.

    • Halted Game.  In the event a game is halted by weather, such game is official if each team has had two full innings at-bat.  If a game has been halted before it has qualified as official, then the game will be rescheduled and replayed in its entirety.

    • Make-Up Games.  All games postponed during the regular season shall be scheduled to be made up by the league.  The league will notify both coaches of the time and date.

  • Playing Time.  

    • There is no minimum number of players needed to start the game.  Please try to start games on time

    • The batting order will be set at the beginning of the game and there will be no changes in the order.  All players will bat.  

    • All of the players will play defense.  

    • There will not be any extra infielders.  The extra players will be spread around the outfield.



The T-Ball League will follow the Ohio High School Baseball Rules except for the following amended ground rules:

  1. The distance between the bases will be 50 feet.

  2. Batting:  Players will bat from a Tee placed at the home plate area.  

  3. There will be no coach pitch during the games.  Coaches are free to work on this during practice but a tee must be used during the games.

  4. No batter will be allowed to walk, and there will be no strikeouts.  Players will swing at the ball until a ball is hit into the field of play.

  5. If a coach gets hit by a ball or deems it necessary to knock a ball down (self-defense), the ball stays in play.

  6. There will be no stealing or leading off of the bases.  If the base runner leaves before the ball is hit, he will be sent back and warned.

  7. There will be no intentional contact by the base runner with a player covering a base.  All runners must slide to avoid contact.

  8. There will be no bunting.  Any ball must go past a four- (4) foot arc, from home plate, on the ground or in the air to be fair, otherwise it will be a foul ball.

  9. There will not be a three (3) out rule to end an inning.  Each team will bat through the complete batting order.  The inning will be complete after each player has batted once.

  10. There is no infield fly rule.  The ball will be played.

  11. The coaches will call “dead ball” or “play complete” at which time the ball is dead and the runners can not advance.

  12. When a throw leaves the playing field the runners may advance one base.  If the ball stays in the field of play the runners may advance at their own risk.  Coaches need to use judgement in advancing baserunners in overthrow situations (we want fielders to try and make the throw without being penalized).