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2017 Forestville Little League Majors Player Pool Regulations
Version 2.0 May 1, 2017


  1. A player(s) can only be added if a majors’ team is fielding 10 or fewer players. Please try to use when you have fewer than 9. The 10 player accommodation is for when you’re unsure if you will have 8 or 9 available.
  2. If you request a player from the pool, please make the request as soon as possible. If you ultimately no longer have a need for the extra player(s) the player agent needs to be informed immediately so they can and stop the pool player from showing up to the game. If a player(s) arrives for the game, they need to play in that game.
  3. Green book rules will be followed for determining rules of play for the player(s) added to the team.
  4. Player pool will be comprised of players on current majors’ rosters. Player agent needs to be supplied a list of names by each Majors manager prior to the start of the season. AAA players may also be utilized if there’s insufficient majors’ players available.
  5. Pool players will be contacted at random. Once a player has participated from the pool, they are removed from further consideration. 
  6. List will be kept and updated by the player agent. If there’s a conflict of interest with the player agent, then a player agent proxy may be assigned. The proxy will only assume oversight of the majors’ player pool, contacting players and updating the list.

Download a .pdf of these rules by clicking here.