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RRVLA officers & board positions

* Denotes board position

President* (Officer) 2 year term

CEO of the association

Preside at all meeting of membership and board

  • Prepares agenda and distributes in advance

Authority to conduct day-to-day business of the association

Executes legal documents

In charge of insurance

Hires/terminates all employees

Co-signer on bank account

Responsible for all of the officers.

Vice President* (Officer) 2 year term

Advise and assist President

Succeed president in resignation

Primary liaison with MBSLA and NSLA

  • Attend scheduling meeting

Administer survey after each RRVLA program

Responsible for the following Director:

  • Player Development Director      

Player/Coach Development Director*

This director is responsible for managing all player development programs.  These duties include budgeting and organizing clinics and developmental skills programs for players throughout the year. As head of this program, he will meet monthly with his committee, which will be made up of all RRVLA Commissioners and parent volunteers of his choice. When possible this director should be an experienced lacrosse coach.


Responsible for the following Coordinators:

  • Coach and Referee Coordinator
  • Boys and Girls Commissioner

Coach and Referee Coordinator

Provides oversight for coach and referee recruitment and training.  He will coordinate clinics to assist in the general educational process of coaches and officials.  This individual will also schedule all referees for the spring and summer seasons. As well, as communicate assignments to Registrar for inclusion on the Association’s web site.

  • Hiring / recommending process
  • Gathering needed paperwork
  • Coaching contract
  • W-9
  • Training certificates
  • Development program (coach and kids)
  • Age level expectations
  • Ref contact

Boys and Girls Commissioner

The liaison between the Association and the boys and girl’s youth coaches and is responsible for the development of budgets and scheduling for the all teams.  This person handles initial complaints about this program.

Secretary* (Officer) 2 year term

Record all minutes

  • Post and distribute 7 days after each meeting
  • Have reviewed, corrected, amended and approved at next meeting

Review/distribute association email ( )

Responsible for the Following Director:

  • Registrar

Registrar* (Director)

The Registrar organizes and oversees the registration of the players, coaches, referees, and Program members with the Association, US Lacrosse, MBSLA and NSLA. The Registrar also maintains the Association’s website, schedules manual registration dates and organizes a yearly registration calendar. He/She plays an important role in improving the quality of the club’s overall business and field operations. 


Responsible for the following Coordinator positions:

  • Website Coordinator
  • Apparel/Spirit wear Coordinator

Website Coordinator

  • Update graphics
  • Monitor exceptions
  • Develop instructions (links) for team managers or other users.

Apparel/Spirit wear Coordinator

  • Vendor selection
  • Article selection
  • Coordinate the inventory and deliveries of Polars Gear
  • Manager Polars online store
  • Answer online order questions
  • Compile monthly sales/inventory numbers for board meeting
  • For “Stock” items:
    • Enter inventory when received
    • Process orders; delivering to practice or team manager
  • For “On Order” items:
    • Review store orders once a week
    • Submit our club order, by size, to our supplier
    • When received from supplier; deliver to practice or team manager

Treasurer* (Officer) 2 year term

Accounts for all monies received and expended

Oversee association finances.

Make deposits and disbursements as directed by board or officers

Prepare an annual report for the association

Prepare summary of financial condition at each board meeting

Assure compliance with tax and other regulatory requirements

Review/distribute association postal mail


Responsible for the following Director:

  • Team Management Director
  • Fields and Equipment Director

Fields and Equipment Director*

This director has responsibility for determining field and equipment needs for all program clinics and seasonal teams. The Fields and Equipment Director shall be the primary liaison between the Association and the city, school district and private facilities for the request and booking of indoor and outdoor fields as well as scheduling fields and communicating schedules to Registrar for inclusion on the Association’s website. This person shall also provide a complete inventory of all program equipment and uniforms and be responsible for the purchase, storage, disbursement and collection of these items.  The person will also run the Polars equipment program; this includes but is not limited to the collection of donated gear, the review of donations. Labeling of new and donated gear. Determine deposit rates/methods to ensure return of equipment


Responsible for the following Coordinators:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Tournament Coordinator
  • Team Parent and Equipment Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

  • Generate the buzz
  • Drive traffic to the site
  • Routine web postings

Tournament Coordinator

  • Chair a tournament committee
  • Work with Board for scheduling
  • Work with area resources for assistance

Team Management Director*

This director has fundraising responsibility for RRVLA’s scholarship program and incremental funding for the Association’s general fund to offset field, uniform and equipment costs.

Team Parent and Equipment Coordinator

  • Distribute/collect team gear to coaches
  • Distribute/collect uniforms to teams
  • Recruit and Assign Team managers for all teams
  • Organize all team managers

Team managers

  • Team contact for communication
  • Reserve Hotel blocks
  • Schedule events
  • Update website with Scores, Schedules and rosters
  • Teaching new parents the ropes – about the game/process
  • Confirm games – times/locations