Fairfield, CT

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Travel Teams FUSA funding:
-One tournament per season
-Discretionary Funds: U9-U10 $125, U11-U12 $150 and U13-U14 $200
(Discretionary Funds should cover referee costs for friendly games, patch costs, extra tournament, end of year gifts or parties but the head parent coach can decide how to spend this)
Expense Reimbursement Procedures:
-Fill out payment request form (CLICK HERE) and send along with receipts to:
 (for expedited service)
PO Box 764
Fairfield, CT 06824





Referee Vouchers

Please click here  to download the referee voucher form. Referees are paid for all league games, friendly games and CT Cup games (up until the quarter finals) via Chase Quick Pay system so no referee vouchers are needed. Coaches will only need to fill out this referee voucher form for CT Cup quarter finals and higher games. Coaches will pay the referees directly and then send this voucher to the treasurer along with the expense form for reimbursement.