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Monday Practice Sessions : April 2nd to June 11th


Saturday Games: April 21th to June 16th


Monday's Practice Schedule, April 2nd to June 11th, at Memorial Field.  When you get to the field for practice, please check in with your USA trainers who will be assigning your child to the appropriate coach. For week #1 please aim to arrive at least 10 minutes early for check in.

·         3:30- 4:30 pm ---------U8 Boys (2010 )

·         4:30-5:30 pm-----------U8 Girls (2010)

Game Days: First game is scheduled for Saturday April 21 and the season runs through June 16th / all games will be at Memorial Field.

·         2-3pm --------U8 Girls (2010)

·         3-4pm---------U8 Boys(2010)

Any changes to the schedule will be managed primarily via the Summitsoccer.org website.

Uniforms: Uniforms for all New players (who did not play in Fall 2017) will be distributed during practice. We will set up an area on the field to distribute uniforms whilst players get started in their practices.

As we are trying to instill a sense of club pride, please make sure uniforms are worn for both practice and on game days. Teams will be formed every Saturday therefore all uniforms will be the same color and trainers will split teams up using pinnie’s.  In addition, players must wear soccer shin guards and soccer cleats/turf shoes are encouraged.


   Chaperones: Chaperones for each practice will be signed Via Sign up Genius. It is very important that they be present at every practice and check in with the coaches in the beginning of each practice. Thier duties will include bringing kids to the restrooms when necessary and to make sure they                  are all picked up after practices.


   The format for Spring 2018 and beyond will be as follows:

* Practices – all players in each division will train at the same time i.e. 2010 Boys (U8) will all train in one time slot (3:45pm). This allows for “pool training”, where players will rotate training groups weekly so they are learning from different trainers and being challenged with players of similar ability on a weekly basis.

* Games – all players in each division will play games at the same time i.e., 2010 girls (U8) will all play games at the same time slot (2-3pm). This is intended to allow for pools of players to play games against each other on a weekly basis. Trainers will move players around week to week to ensure games are developmental and players are getting challenged in games.


Field Closures and Cancellations:  In case of inclement weather, all decisions regarding cancellations will be made by 1:00pm by the club and will be posted on the website.     

    Training questions: United Soccer Academy program manager for SSC Alan alan@usasportgroup.com or Calum Sinclair Calum@usasportgroup.com         

        I am always happy to answer any additional questions you may have but I would encourage you to review whether your questions/issues are already covered by the information posted on our website. You can reach me at Payal Patel ppate044@hotmail.com